3 Ways to Have Happy Employees and A Successful Business

As more workers have begun to work remotely in response to COVID-19, employers are having to learn new ways to be sure their now-at-home team remains focused, happy and productive.

While managers used to be able to surprise their employees with an impromptu pizza lunch or swing by offices to offer praise and a hearty handshake for a job well done, this is not as easy to do when most or all of the team is working remotely.

Fortunately, it is quite possible for employers to keep their team feeling positive and good about their jobs and performances, which in turn will allow them to be as productive as possible — even in the midst of a global pandemic.

Here are three ways that employers can ensure their remote workforce can handle any challenge 2020 throws them.

Resist the Urge to Micromanage

With their figurative employee ducklings out of the workplace pond, some managers might feel their inner micro-managers emerging. As HR Technologist notes, this tendency can actually backfire, since being policed non-stop can make employees nervous and resentful rather than encouraged and wanting to do their best work.

Employers who understand that their team is trying to adjust to this new way of doing things will fare much better both in terms of their workers’ morale and their performance. This can mean accepting that John has to work around his kids’ online schooling and may need to spread out his work over 14 hours instead of eight, and that Marci does best when she is left alone with a project and gets off track when she is disturbed by multiple texts and e-mails checking in.

Continue to Foster Their Development

Yes, many days it may seem like you are doing all you can to keep your company afloat. But despite this crazy year and new working environments, it is still wise to do what you can to boost your team’s development. By using a mobile workforce optimization software system that allows managers and others in leadership to share knowledge and teach them new skills — even remotely — they can help to continue to develop their employees on a professional basis.

Workers who are feeling valued and being taught new things are happier employees and more likely to put even more into their work, which in turn leads to the company doing better than ever.

Give Them the Tools They Need to Do Their Jobs

In a perfect world, your entire team already has all of the technology they need at home to do their work. In reality, with so many people working remotely and kids in school, multiple family members may have to share equipment. Ask each employee in a one-on-one phone call if they have a working laptop or desktop computer, printer and other tools of the trade. If you learn that they do not, arrange to safely drop off their work computer and other equipment from the office at their door, or watch for sales on inexpensive yet functional laptops that you can loan out as need be.

Knowing that you are aware that they may not have the tech at their immediate disposal at home and that you care enough to bring over a computer or purchase one for them to borrow will go a long way in boosting their happiness and productivity.

We Will Get Through This

One day, the pandemic will be under control and you will have your team back in the building with you. Until this happens, it is reassuring to know you can continue to help each of your employees have the tools they need to succeed.

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