5 Ways Small Business Can Save Money on Shipments

Running a small business means to find ways to cut money and time to spend on other things to enhance the horizon of the business. Without a good strategy and detailed planning, posting and shipments might cost a huge sum of money. Most businesses overlook the benefits of managing the shipment process which costs them later.

Obviously, businesses can’t cut the shipping process to save money, but they can adopt cost-effective means to deliver products and services to the customers.

Here are given five ways which can help small businesses to cut their shipment expenses:

Reduce the Size and Dimension:

Shipping companies charge more on large and heavy packages. Moreover, some shipping companies are also adding dimensional weight to measure the shipment cost.

It is better to pack the item in a small package with a small dimension. Along with reducing the cost, it will ensure the safe delivery of the parcel.

Buy Material in Bulk:

If the nature of your business requires regular shipping, then you will need a large amount of packing material. Some shipping companies provide free packing material which automatically reduces the packaging cost. However, if this is not the case, then it is better to buy packaging material in bulk.

It will help the small businesses to negotiate the price of boxes, bubble wraps, tape and other packing materials to save some extra dollars which can add up to a huge amount.

Schedule Delivery:

The businesses which send packages regularly should schedule fedex pickup. It will streamline the shipment process without fear of delays and hassle of every time approaching a shipment company.

Scheduling the delivery will also help to save money as some companies provide discounts and customer service packages to long term customers. If the shipping company knows that you are their long-term customers, then they will provide flexible packages to help you reduce your postage and shipping cost.

Find Perfect Shipping Company:

Different shipping companies are good for shipping different kinds of packages. Some are good for small parcel deliveries, while others are good for large and heavy parcel deliveries.

Businesses want safe and timely shipping of the goods on the lowest possible cost. So you should select the shipping company considering these three requirements.

Return Policies:

Return of parcel in business is common; even the best brands have to face the return of their goods. But this return costs businesses a lot. In case, if it is overseas shipment, then the cost of return increases accordingly.

So considering this, it is better to carefully design the return policy to ensure customer satisfaction as well as cut the possible return cost. In case, if you are overseas shipping an expensive item, then it is better to go for insurance to ensure its safety and save money due to any damage.

Small businesses are not meant to remain small forever. They can also push their way into big markets and success, but it requires smart choices and right decisions regarding every possible thing — including shipments.

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