6 Benefits of Using E-Signature in the Human Resource Department

Benefits of Using E-Signature

Many organizations require employees to fill out different types of paperwork, which is where HR professionals’ challenges begin. They must manage massive amounts of data, which can be a headache and sometimes hurt employee productivity. A solution is needed to make processes within the HR department more comfortable and practical. Thankfully, the introduction of E-signatures could not come at a better time. Signing documents digitally makes everything easier and convenient. It is pretty secure and safe, and every organization is bound to benefit from it immensely. Using E-signatures in HR departments is primarily to improve the relationship between the workers and the institutions. On that note, the most notable advantages of E-signatures for the human resource department include:

Fastening Recruitment

Incorporating E-signatures into your company means you will draft your crucial documents, allowing employees to read and sign them online from wherever they are. They make the recruitment process faster than ever before since candidates can sign many documents concerning the hiring whenever needed, regardless of where they are. Instead of doing all of this manually and having candidates flooding the HR desk, E-signatures make everything smooth and faster. If you are wondering how this is possible, click here to learn more.

Create an excellent first impression to millennials

The younger generation is bound to contribute to over 50% of the labor force soon. Considering that they have been raised in a highly technological age, they expect everything to be digitized. The world they are used to is full of digitally streamlined systems, and they would not have it any other way. With a click of a button, they can solve problems and dominate virtual realities. For HR departments, this means coping with a rapidly-changing environment. Companies need to showcase their technology, and E-signatures are an excellent starting point. You want to impress your tech-savvy candidates, and what a better way than by sending them offers and allowing them to sign electronically.


All organizations can benefit significantly from managing time effectively. For HR departments, the biggest challenge faced is dealing with loads of paperwork. Thankfully, E-signatures allow saving time in managing documents. They enable HR departments to save time by sufficiently managing and archiving all the documents digitally. Workers can sign anything related to the hiring process whenever need be, regardless of their location.

Contributes to environmental responsibility

One of the things that most candidates look for is how responsible a company is towards the environment. Being environmentally friendly is a significant boost during the selection process. Thankfully, using E-signatures to process employment contracts implies there is crucial paper consumption reduction. It portrays that the employer cares for the environment and is doing as much as possible to cut down on paper usage.

Better distribution of employee document

The HR department is tasked with communicating with employees and overseeing their relations. Sometimes, it is required to keep the employees updated with organizational policies and occasionally new management. These tasks can be pretty challenging if done manually. However, the introduction of E-signatures means it can all be done through electronic acknowledgment, which shows complete compliance digitally.

Ability to work from anywhere

HR managers can be pretty busy individuals having to attend endless business trips and several professional conferences. However, just because they are out of the office, does that mean work stops? Not necessarily! Using E-signatures implies that even when the HR manager is away, it does not affect the company’s workflow. Managers can contact employees from wherever they are and sign the vital documents quickly without looking for printers, scanners, or faxes.

What’s even better, most E-signature services offer clients an offline mode where they can sign and continue working even when the internet connection is unavailable or poor. Just because the HR manager is not in their office does not mean everything stalls until they get back.

Are you thinking of adding E-signatures to your HR department? Well, wait no more. You stand to gain so much and considering that everything is becoming digitalized, you can’t afford to be left behind. When you can gain control of dealing with different contracts, you enjoy many benefits and increase the efficiency of how things are done within the workplace. Try E-signatures and start enjoying this trending digital revolution. 

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