BBA Admission: Everything You Need to Know

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the fastest growing courses in today’s day and age. It is highly sought, and thousands of students pursue it every year. The biggest reason for the popularity of BBA course is the demand from organisations across all sectors.

A professional course like BBA prepares students to take on the industry by the storm. The expansion of the business world is leading the companies to hire fresh graduates who have specialized skills. Yes, if you’re planning to get BBA admission — make sure to choose BBA with a specialization.

A specialization in any of the BBA courses helps students to gain knowledge and become expert in that particular field.

A Brief about Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is the administration of a business that includes all aspects of overseeing business operations across various fields such as marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, and sales.

The administration of a business includes the performance of business operations and decision making. It also covers how efficient an organisation is and how it uses collective activities towards common goals and objectives.


However, today, there are various specializations under the BBA course that prepare students to kickstart their career in one particular industry. Universities like UPES offer BBA in 12 specializations including:

  • BBA in Digital Marketing
  • BBA Financial Analysis & Services
  • BBA Aviation Operations
  • BBA Auto Marketing
  • BBA Logistics Management
  • BBA Foreign Trade
  • BBA Oil and Gas Marketing
  • BBA Tourism & Hospitality
  • BBA Accounting & Information Systems
  • BBA Hospital & Healthcare Management
  • BBA Media Management
  • BBA E-Commerce Marketing

If you notice, these BBA specializations are different from the ones such as finance, marketing, human resources and so on. They go beyond the courses and an extra mile in being even more specialized.

Choosing any of the specialized course will prepare students for the future. Organisations are changing their workforce and are now recruiting professionals who specialize in a particular field, rather than professionals with generalized experience. So, if you wish to go through BBA admission and secure a seat in top universities, make sure to choose a specialized course.

BBA Admission

To secure your BBA admission, you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Every university has its criteria to grant admission in the BBA course.

Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) are mandatory across all universities. Some universities may grant admission on the basis of merit, while others may consider an entrance exam.

Also, make sure your communication skills are up to mark as most universities will conduct a group discussion and personal interview to finalize the merit list.

Admission to Specialized Courses

Specialized programs typically have different requirements. Along with fulfilling the general criteria, students may also need to submit a ‘statement of purpose’ or an essay citing why they are fit for the course.

Since specialized courses are in high demand and these BBA courses are highly professional, universities grant admission after thorough testing.

Admission Process

The admission process is seamless across most universities. Some universities even accept applications from students currently in 12th standard if they meet the age requirements. Typically, students must fill a form before the deadline to be eligible for a seat. Do note that specialized BBA courses have only limited seats, so if you wish to take an admission — apply as early as possible. It will also help in getting the hostel allotted within the time-frame.

Become the Specialized Leader

BBA is an excellent course that offers unlimited opportunities for students. The professional career after pursuing BBA is remarkable, especially if students have taken BBA admission in any of the specializations.

Universities like UPES offer BBA admission across different specializations where students get the required hands-on industry exposure, acquaint themselves to the corporate life and adjust in a culture dedicated to learning. Also, it is India’s first university to be rated QS 5 Stars for employability. So, make an informed decision!

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