Combining Sales and Marketing for Unprecedented Growth

In many businesses, sales and marketing exist as separate entities. There is a marketing department, and a sales department, and rarely do the two meet anywhere in the middle. This is a shame. Bringing marketing and sales together to create a cohesive plan and consistent message is one of the best ways to grow your business.

The Right Spot in the Journey

As you know, the job of the marketing department — or just the marketing person in a small firm — is to present your business to potential customers as a viable option for their problem. To improve conversions and boost the bottom line, the marketing and sales processes will be combined to make sure people are coming into the sales funnel at precisely the right point, based on their qualifications.

For example, a potential customer or client who is almost ready to purchase will be brought into your site deep in the funnel, while someone who is just gathering information will be introduced on the ground floor. For that type of lead, content marketing services are a great way to present information and gradually build the sales process.

Use the Right Tools

The integration of your sales and marketing departments will be made much easier by the implementation of the proper tools. There are many such tools available today, and plenty of them operate in the cloud for your convenience and flexibility. The right tool for your business will depend entirely on the size of your business and the market you serve.

Proper Rewards

No matter what part of your business is in question, rewarding your people properly for their efforts is a powerful way to improve results. Above all else, employees are motivated by money — if you can offer financial rewards for high performance, there is a great chance you’ll see a boost in the efforts of your teams across the board.

Traditionally, it is salespeople who are incentivized in this way, but it may be a mistake to ignore the marketing department as far as commissions are concerned. If you can create a logical structure which brings your marketing people into the fold on financial rewards, everyone involved in customer acquisition will be working hard toward the same goal.

If your business still features a sales department and a marketing department which rarely interface, it’s about time to make a change. Bring together sales and marketing in a productive manner and it’s possible that your business will grow to a new level.

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