Courses that Prepare Students for Law School

Studying law is definitely not the easiest feat out there. In fact, a lot of students take it in the first year, but only a small portion of that number graduate in the end. It’s that grueling and it’s that demanding. 

But those who really want to be lawyers can take undergraduate courses that will prepare them well for law school. In this article, we discuss three of the most effective pre-law undergraduate programs. 


Psychology is a scientific field that concerns itself with human behavior. It seeks to explain why people act the way they do in their specific contexts. Its methods are surely not the same as that of the natural sciences, and it’s bound to remain that way. Human behavior is far too changeable to be measured and assessed using the methods of the natural sciences. After all, just because it’s different doesn’t make psychology less of a science than biology or chemistry. 

Now, psychology is going to be very helpful in the legal profession simply because the laws are applied to people, and the probable violations of the law are going to be committed by people. Having a thorough understanding of motivations, reinforcements, foresight, and culture is going to be a huge plus in legal argumentation. 

English and Communication

Truth be told, legal battles can sometimes be construed as clashes of well-written narratives. Those who win are those who are better able to deliver their story in a very detailed but still very clear manner. In order to achieve such a high level of narrative-making, the lawyer must have an excellent command of language and other communication tools. Needless to say, this is where communication courses are going to be of great help. 

Lawyers such as those from Sandoval James did not take their English courses lightly. Sometimes, a case is lost just because of the technicalities in how they’ve written their pleadings to the courts. 

Political Science

Political Science as a field concerns itself with the various approaches in creating social policies. The practitioners in this field also study the very process of doing policy research. The main purpose of this is to ensure that the target population will be ready to adapt and become accustomed to the demands of the new policies. 

Having knowledge about how policies or laws are created is going to be crucial in interpreting them, which is the domain of the legal profession. Because of this, there is a belief that political science is to lawyers as criminology is to policemen. Though there exists no direct cause-effect relationships between such concepts, they are still connections that make a lot of sense.

Taking up law is not going to be easy. But any difficult challenge can be overcome by preparing adequately for it. The pre-law courses discussed briefly here will surely make the life of law students a lot easier. Their preparations become better if the undergraduate course that they take is relevant to the legal domain that they are going to specialize in. 

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