Five Common IT Problems Encountered by Small and Medium Enterprises

A small company might not have the funds or the means for handling their own IT in-house but nevertheless, they may have computers and other IT equipment which will inevitably break down at some crucial moment. Here are five of the common IT problems small businesses may encounter.


One of the most common problems a business will face is their security. Breaches can come from anywhere. The most innocent-looking email can be a link to a nasty virus which locks down the computer and steals valuable data which could impact the company. Change passwords regularly, install a reliable anti-virus softwareand never click links in emails if you are not confident it is safe and from a source you trust.

Integration Issues

New software is introduced all the time but a team could struggle to keep up with changes. If they aren’t shown how to use the software, time and resources could be wasted and furthermore, team morale could drop as they grow frustrated with the new program. Taking time to ensure that everyone is fully familiar with it will alleviate this issue.

Failure to Back-Up

In the event that a breach is made, if a team has not made back-ups then they can simply say goodbye to their data. Back-ups are quick and easy to make and should be done anytime there is sensitive data at hand. A simple solution is to use a cloud-based back-up. It allows files to be accessed from any authorized computer and is much safer and more secure than a traditional hard drive or server.

Lack of Maintenance

If a company has no IT help, chances are they will use a piece of technology until it breaks. This includes adapting to every little bug and error it throws out as it ages. In turn, this can lead to anger and frustration on the part of the users and can also result in a loss of efficiency across tasks. If employees cannot complete their workload on computers which can handle their jobs, it may impact on the ability of the company to deliver their jobs on time.

No Support

Even with a dedicated IT company looking after the health of a company’s computers, without an incident management softwareemployees will not be able to fix problems with their computers on their own as the nature of the problem may be outside their technical expertise and very difficult to resolve. An incident management software will not only allow the IT technicians to see what is wrong with the computer, but it may also be able to offer automated advice which allows the user to attempt guided repairs in the meantime. It could mean the difference between finishing a project on time or having to turn it in late due to technical difficulties.

All of the problems on this list are easily fixed with a little foresight. Speak to an IT specialist today if you are concerned that your IT equipment and your overall efficiency is being affected by something mentioned above.

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