Four Product Ideas for a Crafting Business

From dressmaking to knitting, woodwork to decoupage, having a crafting hobby can greatly increase your sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. Whether you have been inspired to pick up a new skill over lockdown or are keen to have regular time away from technology by getting back to basics, the popularity of crafts has increased rapidly over the past few years. As such, you may have been inspired to create your own crafting business in an effort to help other makers in their learning and crafting journey. To get you started, here are four product ideas for a crafting business.

  1. Sketchpads

Sketchpads are massively useful for any creative person, not just artists. They are vital for planning a project, being used to sketch ideas, create a mood board, and adding important notes on the materials used and new techniques learned. As such a sketchpad also acts as a record of a person’s creative journey and development of their skillset. You could create your own branded sketchpads for your creative business. Consider points such as the thickness and quality of paper used – ink and paint will bleed through thin, low-quality paper – and design an on-brand front cover that is inspiring for customers.

  1. Embroidered backpacks

There is nothing more inspiring than being outdoors surrounded by nature. However, many creative people might be put off from working outdoors because their activity involves a lot of equipment – photography, painting or knitting, for example. A solution is to provide your customers with a range of embroidered backpacks in which they can carry their crafting supplies. Made from a robust material and embroidered with your logo in an attractive design, backpacks are essential for any crafter who wants to be organized and mobile. Visit for more information about embroidered backpacks.

  1. Storage units

Crafting often involves a lot of supplies and materials, whatever your discipline. For instance, a sewer will use fabric, sewing patterns, and thread; a potter will use clay, tools, and ceramic paint; and a painter has brushes, paint, and canvases. Considering this, storage units are hugely important for crafters so that they can remain organized and clutter free. Your crafting business could provide a range of storage units and containers in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any purpose. For example, a louvre panel and bins can keep nails and screws organized and within easy reach of a work area.

  1. Ear buds

Many people like listening to music or podcasts while they are crafting, as it helps them to zone out from distractions and concentrate on their work. As such, one interesting addition to your crafting business might be ear buds and ear bud cases. Look for ear buds that offer a noise cancelling feature – this may be useful for those who need silence to concentrate and simply want to block outside distractions. As an additional accessory, you could also get ear bud cases branded in your company colors and logo.

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