How to Create a Fully Branded Email Campaign from Scratch?

Did you just start your new company and require a proper campaign to increase your reach and sales? Maybe you want to drive more traffic into your website and start from there? Well, today we help you create a fully branded email campaign to help you achieve that. Moreover, we will discuss the importance of this form of marketing and how it can bring you new revenue or customers. To start things off, before you dive into the campaign, you will need to build a team of professional people who can help you achieve that. To achieve maximum efficiency with this campaign you will need people who can construct emails that will not come off spammy or end up in the thrash section of the email.

What You Should Know Beforehand

Starting off your email campaign is not as simple as starting to send emails to random people around the world. Let us assume you have your own website and have visits there from time to time. Your visitors, clients or customers have no login information once they visit the website. Well, this is the first thing you need to change. Many marketing platforms you can use do not support entering random emails in them. Instead, you should try to gather as many emails of your existing clients as you can.

Email is seen as a private and very personal way of communication

This will be your starting point. From that point forward, you can start working on a much broader way of marketing your business. Moreover, in the paragraphs below, we will help you identify all the necessary steps you should take before creating a good marketing campaign.

How to Start with Your Email Campaign

As we were saying, there is so much more you need to do before you start sending your emails to clients. Know that this might be a daunting task at first, but later on you will realize how efficient and worth the trouble it was. Moreover, before you start doing that, you need to have a full understanding on how email marketing can impact your business. This method of marketing is good to notify users of promotions, special offers, deals and much more. The best part is that email marketing can work the same for smaller businesses, as well as the bigger ones.

  1. Determine Your Goal to Create A Fully Branded Email Campaign

Your goals are the first and the most important thing you should determine. Do you want to attract more customers or do you want to promote a specific deal you are offering? Without a specific goal, the team you have working for you will have a hard time communicating what you have to say to the client. On top of that, you have to know your audience. This way, you will know whether you are talking to a “novice” or someone who knows what your business offers. Once you have a clear goal or goals, you can start on realizing them in the most productive way. You will be able to communicate with a customer in a way that will be most efficient to you.

  1. Create a Contact List

You cannot send emails if you have no one to send them to. One of the main reasons many small businesses fail is because they lack the communication with their clients. Whether this be pushing the promotional offers or notifying customers about changes in your business – communication is key! For instance, you can create a login necessity on your website which will let your clients provide you with their emails, as well as other information. You can use this later to gather information about those clients and create a list of contacts. The information you gather will help you bring the content you are promoting closer to your desired audience.

  1. Create a Draft of Your Emails

Instead of re-writing your emails over and over again, your best solution is to have drafts that will help you save time during this campaign. Your email team can use these drafts to save time, as well as maintain the level of professionalism while communicating with a specific client.

Create a couple of drafts on how you want your emails to look like and choose the best one between them

Here is some advice on how to create a fully branded email campaign with high efficiency:

  • Stick to the point – Do not stray away from the main subject of the email
  • Make emails easy to read – No one likes spending a lot of time deciphering a message
  • Always include CTA – A call to action button will help you increase sales and website traffic the best
  • Personalize the messages – Utilize the privacy of an email to make the reader feel like it is communicating with you
  • Know what your audience wants – Try to keep the content as relatable as possible to achieve maximum efficiency
  1. Review the Email Before You Send It

Nothing will harm your business more than knowing that you sent hundreds, if not thousands of emails with a typo or wrong information on it. Because you are aiming for the highest level of professionalism you want to ensure that the email is what you want it to be. Put yourself in the readers shoes and see if the email is good enough. Once you read the email, determine if it is what you want or not. If not, there is always time to improve it. This will help you sound professional and honest in your communication with the client. Knowing your email etiquette is a must when working on such a project. It will not take much of your time but will mean a lot.

  1. Collect Data and Revise Your Approach

After a couple of days have passed since your marketing campaign started, collect the results and revise them. If you want to create a fully branded email campaign you will need to make sure that the campaign brings results. See what you can improve, what did well and what is something that attracted your customers the most about the email. As they say, there will always be room for improvement, so always seek to achieve the most out of your campaign. It is only then that you will notice the difference in your brand expansion.

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