The Importance of Employment Screening

All companies face a significant task when they begin hiring for a new position. No matter how large or small your business, employing the right candidates is essential for any company. You want to find employees that are desirable for your business, will work well with the rest of your team, are qualified in their field and, most importantly, aren’t hiding any major issues that could cause problems for your company. Before you hire a new employee, here is why you should carry out employment screening.

Reduces the Risk of Employee Misconduct

Chances are, if you hire someone that has lied about their criminal past, they may not be truthful in other areas. Candidates must be honest about any criminal convictions and any reasons behind why they may have lost previous job roles. Employee misconduct can be anything from theft to identify fraud, and this can be very detrimental for your business and could lead to the loss of other personnel. Removing any risk of employee misconduct will minimize the risk of losing customers or having your company’s image destroyed through bad employment. If the job role requires a driver’s license, knowing your new employee has no previous driving convictions is important in maintaining the health and safety of all staff and customers.

Better Employees

Employers that utilize tools such as pre-employment screens can find a range of benefits. This process can filter the best employees out, making it even easier for companies who have many job applications to sift through. Finding the finest candidates for your business leads to less employee turnover, improved quality of work, and happier clients. If you make it clear to potential candidates that you will be carrying out employment screening, it may also stop some who would previously have tried to apply dishonestly. If you want to limit the number of applicants who are not right for the role and filter the huge amount of applications you are getting, Secure Forensics offer a fantastic employment verification service. This includes checking for any previous convictions or any reasons why a candidate would not be preferential for your role.

Reduces the Risk of Negligence Cases

Negligence cases are on the up, and hiring employees that can cause danger to the public or release confidential information could make you liable. This increase is mostly seen throughout medical professions, with employers such as the NHS finding themselves spending billions on these cases. As an employer, you are legally responsible for any actions caused by employees, and therefore hiring honest candidates who are willing to follow legal rules and regulations is vital. Employers are still liable even if they were unaware of any reason why the employee was not suitable for the position. This means you will not have a leg to stand on if you have not carried out any pre-employment checks and later find out that your new employee was hiding a conviction.

All businesses should make use of employment screening to hire the best candidates and eliminate the possibility of employee misconduct or negligence cases.

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