A Breakdown of Leading 2019 E-Commerce Software Features

Billions of dollars, euros and pounds are exchanged between multiple parties on a daily basis thanks to the advancements associated with e-commerce platforms. A few leaders have emerged to dominate this marketplace and their associated technical advancements have ushered in an entirely new era in regards to effective point-of-sale solutions. 2019 is expected to represent another stellar year in regards to user-friendly options for growing businesses and there are a number of trends to watch out for. Let us take a look at what defines leading ecommerce software before examining why a specific provider is expected to enjoy the “lion’s share” of online business.

E-Commerce Modernity at a Glance: More Than Payments Alone

Most novices will define e-commerce packages as applications intended to expedite the transfer of funds between two parties. While this is certainly the case from a macroscopic point of view, a host of innovative tools are helping to transform the ways in which such transactions are now taking place.

One of the most predominant principles that we have witnessed across the entire sector is the notion of personalized e-commerce solutions. Many older and legacy-based platforms were unable to conform to the needs of specific businesses. As a result, they were hardly user-friendly options and dedicated IT professionals would normally be required. These generic systems are now outdated. They have been supplicated by more intuitive and agile architecture. This is why many businesses are choosing to leverage the tools associated with Shopify.

At the time that this article was written, Shopify boasts more than one million users and in excess of 600,000 firms have already employed their e-commerce packages. In fact, it is estimated that approximately $82 billion dollars of products have already been sold with the help of this provider. It is therefore important to fully understand what features are attracting a growing number of entrepreneurs as well as why 2019 could represent a benchmark year in terms of online retail sales.

Clarity, Precision and Flexibility

It could arguably be stated that these three concepts serve to define what users can expect when working in synergy with the systems offered. On-site inventory can be monitored with ease. Users are provided with unlimited bandwidth and there are no caps in regards to the products that can be sold. More than 100 gateways are offered and this system has the capability to meet the needs of clients from around the world. In the event of a question or an issue, a live customer service representative is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. These amenities are then combined with advanced tools such as augmented reality product displays, scalable pricing packages and a modular nature that enables customers to choose the right tools at the right times.

As a result, we should fully expect 2019 to witness a massive rise in online retail sales. It is also likely that many businesses will expand into the international marketplace. In times of economic uncertainty, e-commerce solutions are here to stay.

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