A Guide to Earning an Azure Certification Online

Are you currently seeking a certification in Azure? As one of the big three cloud providers, it makes sense to go down this route. A certification not only helps specialists add to their cloud proficiency and experience, but it can also open the door for IT professionals looking to progress in their career.

The good news is not much effort is required on your part to organize an exam. Before, you would likely have had to sit the exam at a designated location, but now you can do it from the comfort of your home.

This quick guide will show you what to keep in mind when earning an Azure Certification online.

Picking the right certification

The first decision you have to make is selecting the right Azure Certification for you. There are various certifications available – 14 in total as of writing – and these cover all skill levels.

Obviously, if you are a newcomer to Microsoft Azure or cloud computing in general, you will want to stick with a fundamentals-level certification. However, if you’re experienced with the platform and are just looking to add extra skills to your repertoire or enhance your resume, an expert-level or specialty certification makes sense.

Preparing for the exam

You don’t want to walk into an exam unprepared. This is certainly the case when it comes to your Azure certification exam. Even if you are only trying to secure a fundamentals-level certification, you will still want to sign up for specialist az-900 certification training.

If you rush into the exam, it will ultimately cost you time and money. It’s better to be prepared the first time rather than having to retake the exam in the future – and forking out $99 (fundamentals-level) or $165 (all other Azure certification exams) each time.

Sitting the exam

You have picked your certification. You’ve put in the hours of training necessary. Now it is time to sit the exam. When it comes to this, you can schedule your exam via the Certification Dashboard with your Microsoft account. Online exams are supplied by PSI and Pearson VUE.

So how do they know that you’re completing the exam without cheating in some way? Well, an individual will oversee you doing the exam with assistance from your computer’s webcam and microphone. This means you’ll need a computer that’s up to the job, as well as a strong internet connection.

The benefits of going the online route

As you would expect, there are numerous benefits that come from earning your certification online. Convenience is one of the big factors. Not only can you take the exam while sitting in your pajamas, but you can find an appointment for your test at pretty much any time you desire. This means you can cram in a massive study session in the morning then schedule your exam for the evening on the same day.

Another advantage is you get to take the test in the same environment where you studied. The familiarity of your room may help you to recall key information while sitting your exam.

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