Everything to Know about Passing Microsoft MCSA Certification Exams

MCSA, an acronym for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, is an entry-level credential course from the flagman IT company, Microsoft. It helps an individual establish knowledge and expertise on various Microsoft technologies.

This course is a requirement for attaining higher certifications that help you achieve great competence in the subject. Truth be told, MCSA is the first of the MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) certificates. This certification plays a really indispensable role in the corporate world for the sake of displaying technical knowledge of any Microsoft product or service.

No doubt, Microsoft MCSA is one of the highly recognized and most popular certification paths that we know. People do not even think twice when it comes to forking out considerable sums of money to learn about, understand and achieve this certificate. Once done, they can implement the technology in the project they are working on for effective results.

In this article, we tell you about Microsoft MCSA certification courses — overview, syllabus, popular certifications, benefits.

So, what exactly is MCSA?

MCSA authorizes the proficiency of IT specialists with relevant experience under their belt. In addition, it validates their understanding of any Microsoft environment, including SQL Server 2014-2016, Cloud Platform, Windows Server, and many more.

MCSA is an entry-level certification that expands the possibilities for people with a keen interest in attaining the required expertise and knowledge on Microsoft technologies.

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What are different kinds of MCSA?

This certificate is the requirement for a myriad of other Microsoft certifications of higher level. These are preferred by the applicants who are willing to make their career in the IT industry  study to pass.

Here is the list of some popular credentials from the MCSA path:

  • MCSA: Linux on Azure — In this certification you get to plan and oversee complicated Linux solutions, which are enabled by cloud with the help of open source skills of Azure for gaining the ultimate benefit. Moreover, it assists you in demonstrating the Linux administration skills you have achieved.
  • MCSA: BI Reporting — It thoroughly assists you in comprehending the data analytics, modelling, dashboards, as well as accessibility of data sources in Power BI and Excel.
  • MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure — It is the credential that gives you understanding of not only the designing but analytics building, as well as functional resolutions on this unique platform.
  • MCSA: Cloud Platform — This certificate is the one that makes you an expert in all those technologies pertaining to Microsoft cloud technologies. It develops an ability in you to help the business by slashing IT expenses.

What are the biggest advantages of getting one of MCSA certificates?

Well, the advantages provided by a Microsoft MCSA credential are many, and some of them are listed below.

  1. Professional gain. Are you looking for much-deserved employment in the IT industry? If that is the case, employers are definitely going to consider your credentials before making that final call whether to hire you or not. When you have MCSA, your resume is likely to be placed at the top of the most deserving applicants.
  2. Great earning potential. Do you know that employees backed by the MCSA certificate are highly appreciated by the companies they are working for? Considering this, they earn more than their counterparts with no such a credential. In fact, the MCSA certified professionals get around 30% more in salary than their uncertified colleagues in the same company.
  3. Proof of skills. Have you already obtained your Microsoft MCSA certificate? If so, what you have is an official validation from the tech giant that you are qualified in your line of work. You can take immense pride in being an MCSA certified specialist and add it to your job applications and resume as well. Companies will always give preference to you considering the fact that you can become an invaluable asset to them in the years to come.
  4. Job efficiency. It is true that professionals with the MCSA certification seem to be 75% more efficient when it comes to accomplishing their tasks in a proper way. Employers are very well aware of this fact and prefer to recruit the MCSA certified individuals for their company. They know that the hired ones will increase the overall productivity and generally deliver better results.

Who can attain MCSA?

This credential is specifically designed for those individuals who express their keen interest in becoming one of the most sought-after Microsoft Systems professionals.

Are you currently associated with the IT industry? Do you work as a system administrator or a network technician? If you answer positive to both questions, then settle for no less than the Microsoft MCSA certification. It will help you reach the next professional level advancing your career even further. This way you gain much-needed expertise and the company looks up to you as one of the best assets it can ever have.

What exams are needed to get MCSA?

In order to be MCSA certified, you will need to take 2-3 exams, but of course this is determined by the chosen certification path, as well as the technology you opt for. For example, if you are willing to take the path of Office 365 or Windows 8, it is mandatory for you to take two exams and pass them successfully.

Does MCSA expire?

Not at all. Those candidates who have achieved the MCSA certification develop the ability not only to manage, but also troubleshoot network environments, which are based on Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 Server operating systems.

What is the scope of MCSA?

Any professional with any Microsoft MCSA certification can easily make 15% more money compared to the ones without the credential. And it is a fact that a majority of hiring managers who accept these certifications come equipped with a great value when it comes to evaluating the potential candidates and making that final call, which one can be a perfect fit for the company.

The Microsoft MCSA certification path is available in 7 specialization areas. It is usually taken by IT professionals who are looking to make their careers in network systems and technical support as well.

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