Causes and Effects of Low Productivity at Work

Productivity is measured of the efficiency of production. Productivity is defined as total output per unit of a total input.

Low productivity in the workplace can have a dramatic effect on the company but the moment managers see the signs there are immediate change they make to help turn the situation around.

Causes for Low Productivity

  • Poor management: The main cause of low productivity is poor management. The manager does not take steps to implement the most productive way of doing the things. If the employee feels that their work is not recognized by their supervisor they will not give their 100 percent.
  • Outdated system: If the company is using outdated machine or methods, it will lead to lower productivity.
  • Employee dissatisfaction: Dissatisfied employee are unproductive ones, as compared to productive employees who are passionate about their work. If there is wrong person in the job or right person in the wrong job leads to dissatisfaction towards work.
  • Employee personal problem: If employee is facing personal problem it lead to low productivity. Stress and poor health also lead to low productivity.
  • Bureaucracy: A common cause for low productivity in company is excessive bureaucracy. Where employee are distracted from their work by the need to fill out irrelevant paperwork they will lose their productivity
  • Competition: If there is absence of competition. It will affect the motivation of employees and the employees become lazy.
  • Lack of training: If there is lack of training and employees are untrained, they are not able to perform better.
  • Free time: If the employees are not focusing on their work and enjoy gossiping, backbiting. It will lead to bad work environment which affect their performance.

Effects of Low Productivity

  • Dis-organisation: Low productivity lead to disorganization among worker who fail to complete their task. Communication between employees is delay, and deadline end up lost.
  • Employee conflict: In low productivity environment employee start fight among themselves. If the employee does not complete their work on time it will lead to frustration, stress and high temper.
  • High employee turnover rates: Low productivity creates high turnover rates. Soon or later the employee is going to leave the job.
  • Lack of flexibility: All time rigid schedule, deadline creates a negative impact on the mind of employee which lead to low productivity.
  • Decline of business: If the employees are not able to complete their goals efficiently and effectively this will lead to declining of business. It results into, loss of customer services not rendered on time, delays etc.
  • Stress: If there is low productivity at workplace it will create stress and pressure among employees.
  • Low motivation: Low productivity has a negative impact on the morale of employees.

Suggestions to Overcome Low Productivity

  • Human approach: All employees should be treated as valued human being. The contribution of each individual should be recognized. Trustful and cooperative relationship should be created.
  • Worker participation in management: Management should allow worker to take active part in the activities this will help to enhance the morale of employees.
  • Job enrichment: Job enrichment help to avoid monotony, fatigue and interest among employees.
  • Interviews: Proper meetings and interviews with employees help to know their problems. Proper action should be taken to overcome these problems.
  • Building high morale: It is generally assumed that morale and productivity go hand in hand. There is direct and positive correlation between them.

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