Importance of Aligning Human Resource Processes with Business strategy

Strategic alignment these terms are some of the phrases which are being used to explain the latest, evolving function of human resources process. The aligning human resource processes with business strategy about the growth of the business, increasing the performance of the employees and keeping the costs under a control. Which means the employee satisfaction and benefits provide to the population as they are not the strategic goals, but they are tools to reach the goals important for the whole organization. The importance of the alignment of the human resource process with business strategy is about going deeper and finding the real root components of the successful human capital management in the organization. The HR Managers have to identify the real goals of the business, the business way how to reach the goals and the real needs of the business from Human Resources. The HR tends to take care of employees, but it is not what the business asks for usually. The human resource process alignment with the business strategy needs many discussions inside Human Resources about the real goals of the organization and how the organization will utilize its human capital to reach the goals. It is not about the employee satisfaction, it is a side effect. They have to understand, how the business wants to reach the goals and then the HR process can be developed and fully aligned with the business strategy. The aligned HR process misses the nice words about the employee satisfaction, the employee satisfaction and other nice HR initiatives. These are the tools; the real business goals are different. These few points which are important in jump starting the organisations revenue and profit growth if well utilized:

Business strategy remains important in ensuring that a business performs well. It is important that human resources process is carried out in a proper manner the human resource has a function of delivering strategy insights in the organisation so as to enable the organisation to be more effective in sourcing, evaluating and motivating employees in this increasingly unstable business environment. The human resource has to continue providing administrative services which are dependable, responsive and cost effective to the needs of the organization. Starbucks and Humana companies have been able to be successful because of their good human resources management practices. It is clear that, for any company to be able to achieve, its market goals, it has to have correct human resources management. However, aligning the human resource process with business strategy does not guarantee 100% success towards achieving the market objective of a company.

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