Meaning and Definitions of Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a feeling that can produce a positive or negative effect toward one’s roles and responsibilities at work and it is important to understand the concept of job satisfaction as there is no single way to satisfy all workers in the workplace. Also, job satisfaction is the positive attitude towards ones job and it is the combination of feelings and beliefs, which include the mental, emotional, and physical domains. Job satisfaction can also be defined as a worker’s emotional response to different job related factors resulting in finding pleasure, comfort, confidence, rewards, personal growth and various positive opportunities, including upward mobility, recognition and appraisal done on a merit pattern with monetary value as compensation. Another definition is that job satisfaction is reflected as an employee’s general affective assessment of himself/herself in the context of his or her job.

Job Satisfaction

Some more definitions are listed below;

  • Job satisfaction is defined as employees’ emotional state regarding the job, considering what they expected and what they actually got out of it. In fact, an employee with low expectations can be more satisfied with a certain job than someone who has high expectations. If one’s expectations are met or exceeded by the job, then one is happy and satisfied with the job.
  • Job satisfaction is defined as feelings of contentment derived from the appraisal of one’s job and the understanding that the job is assisting in achieving one’s goals. Job dissatisfaction is the unpleasant affections that one feels if one appraises the job as a barrier in achieving one’s values. There are three factors exist in any appraisal process of the job: the perception about the facet of the job, a value system, and an evaluation of the relationship between the perception and the value system. People have set goals and values in mind. If their job assists them in achieving those goals, they are satisfied.
  • Job satisfaction is defined as a set of emotions that one feels about one’s job. Its also defined as feelings or affective responses to facets of the situation. These feelings are caused by the difference between what is expected from the job and what is actually experienced, and comparing this difference to alternative jobs.
  • Job satisfaction is also defined as the extent to which workers are happy with their jobs.

Monetary payment is only one of many reasons for which people work. The rewards for working go far beyond payment. Financial security, achievement, self esteem, and sense of belonging can contribute to the whole reward system that an employee may receive. If employees are happy with the outcome, they are satisfied with their jobs. If they are only partially happy, then they are only satisfied with some facets of their jobs.

Job satisfaction is a concept based on the premise that the happiest worker is also the most productive worker and that to people happy in their work, their job doesn’t feel as if it is work at all. Many variables make a difference in the levels of job satisfaction experienced by workers; some variables are found within the organization, some within the framework of the job itself, and others are inherent in each worker’s character and personality.

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