Elements of an Advertising Layout

An advertising copy is the means by which the advertiser’s ideas are given expression to in a message to readers. Regardless of its length and brevity copy refers to all the reading matters of an advertisement, including the headline, sub-headlines, text or body, and the name of the firm or the standard initials of the advertiser. As we have seen that advertising has so many immediate purposes but its ultimate goal is to stimulate sales. As a reader turns the pages of a magazine or newspaper, he notices so many advertisements but a great variation in copy. Some copy may be so sticking that the reader takes immediate action and rush to the nearest dealer to purchase it while there may be some other copy or copies that he does not like or it does not click to his mind. The first copy conforms to the requisites of a good advertisement copy. A copywriter must take pains in making up a sound advertisement copy containing its various components i.e. headlines, subhead lines, illustrations etc. The following are the main components of an advertisement copy:

  1. Background: The background for the advertisements should be somewhat catchy and colorful. The arrangement of background differs from medium to medium and advertisement to advertisement. In short, background should be suitable for the contents of the advertisement.
  2. Border: It is defined as the frame of the advertisement. Border is employed to impart the reading atmosphere. The border may be light or heavy, obvious, plain or fanciful. The border may also contain a logo.
  3. Caption: It refers to the subtitle. But in most of the advertisement it is converted into heading or sub-heading.
  4. Coupon: Coupon is that part of the advertisement which is intended for the convenience of the prospective customer in communicating with the advertiser. The coupon must contain the name and full postal address of the firm followed by the offer. The offer should be brief and clear. There should be space for name and address of the prospective customer. The usual shape of the coupon is triangular or rectangular.
  5. Decoration: Advertisement decoration is the ornament of the advertisement. This is done to emphasis the advertisement message.
  6. Heading: The heading or headline is defined as the title of the advertisement. The words in the heading should be short.
  7. Illustration: Illustrations are the part of layout that pictures the basic theme of the advertisement. It has the power to capture the attention of the reader. The advertisements become richer by the use of illustrations.
  8. Mascot: It is known as the trade character or trade figure. It is an illustration of either a real or an imaginary figure or personality given in the advertisement.
  9. Name Plate (logo): The name plate or name block is the signature of the advertiser. It represents the personality of the company and its product.
  10. Price: It is another part of layout. The price of the product should be featured clearly. The price is usually taken in the concluding lines of the copy.
  11. Product: It refers to the representation of the product offered for sale. A very popular practice is to show the product in use with illustrations.
  12. Slogan: Slogan is a sales argument. The arrangement of slogan in the layout is determined by the importance of its relation to the advertising message.
  13. Space: Space refers to the entire space left in the space hired by the advertiser. This depends on the design of the copy.
  14. Subheading: It is a secondary heading. It is given to support the heading or to pick out the various selling points given in the text.
  15. Text: Text or body of the advertisement refers to the general reading matter. It is the subject matter of the copy. It should be neither too wide nor too narrow.
  16. Trade mark: It is a word or design by which a product is defined. If the trade, marks are registered it can be included in the layout.

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