Emotional Marketing

Emotional marketing is a highly successful method that is used by marketers to both attract and retain customers. The main aim of emotional marketing   is to connect to customers’ hearts. It is seen that emotional thoughts stimulate people’s minds faster than rational thoughts. Emotional marketing is all about considering the feelings and needs of customers and finding ways to take advantage of the same to achieve higher volumes of sales. Most marketers are now adopting emotional marketing technique because of the realization that the emotional route can be effectively used to change consumers’ attitude towards their products. Now-a-days companies are using emotional advertisements to evoke favorable reaction from consumers. Emotion based marketing offers competitive advantages to marketers in developing strong relationship with consumers.

Many of the advertisements these days have a strong element of emotion touch to them, which draws consumers to connect with the brands being advertised. For example, the advertisement for Johnson & Johnson baby care products and those for various insurance products most often attempt to influence consumers through emotions. Brands which are not able to make an emotional connect gradually lose out to competing brands which are able to use emotional marketing effectively. The success of emotional marketing is established when customer experiences the product. Once companies are able to deliver their promise, they can establish a long-time their presence in the consumers’ heart.

Emotional Marketing

When people think of emotional marketing, they are likely to visualize weepy and heartrending sentiments. However, emotional marketing can also make people smile and even laugh, if they have a tinge of humor in them. When people laugh, they feel good. If people feel good, while viewing a marketing communication, they will feel good about the company and its product.

By understanding the target consumers and their needs, one would be better prepared to add value to one’s product offerings and to satisfy their needs. Choosing the right emotion at the right time for the right consumers will help in generating better sales revenue. There are many emotions that a company can use to draw the attention of the target audience. However, one must be careful about customers’ emotion when communicating promises. The promises should have some positive impact on the consumers’ mind and heart. Companies should ascertain that the emotions they are incorporating in their communications are relevant and that the claims they are making about their products and services are truthful.

Finally, emotional marketing is a powerful tool for marketers to attract customers towards their products, services and brands. It helps marketers to improve customer loyalty and achieve their sales targets. It has a great impact on customers’ mind. In today’s scenario where there is intense competition, the companies, that adopt emotional marketing, have an edge over the others who do not. It yields the desired results and is gaining increasing popularity with marketers.

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