Qualities of a Good Advertisement Copy

The importance of a good advertisement copy can hardly be overemphasized. All the planning, research and expense would go waste if proper care is not taken in drafting an advertisement copy that will achieve the purpose of advertising. The psychological aims of an advertisement are that the public must be made to (i) look, (ii) like, (iii) learn and (iv) buy. In other words a scientifically drafted copy should (a) attract primary initial attention, (b) hold attention in an interesting way, awaken and stimulate interest, (c) bring about an association of impression which will have permanence or memory value, (d) convince persuade, and induce to purchase the product, and (e) suggest and lead to specific response to encourage the decision to buy.

The person who drafts and prepares the advertisement copy, must be thoroughly acquainted with the mental process and be imaginative enough to think of words and patterns which may produce at desired effect on prospects i.e., it must creates an urge in the minds of prospects to go for the product advertised.

Qualities of a Good Advertisement Copy

A good copy of advertisement should possess the following characteristics or qualities or values;

1. Attention Value – An advertisement copy must attract the attention of the potential consumers. If it fails in this mission, the whole money and efforts will go waste though it possesses all other values because everything else follows this. So, it must have display value. The advertisement copy should be planned, drafted and displayed so ingeniously that it may compel even the most casual or involuntary reader to notice it and read it with interest. It should be designed in such a fashion that the attention of a busiest person may be drawn immediately. Various devices can be used to make the copy attractive such as:-

  • Use of Pictures. Picture has the immense display and attention value.
  • Use of Display Type or Heading. Use of appropriate to headings enhances the value of an advertisement copy to a great extent. To invite attention, the heading should be brief and meaningful, made up of three or four words and should be printed in emphatic bold display types.
  • Boarder etc. — Attractive boarder can be used to compel the attention of the readers. The boarder must have a distinctive look so as to separate it from the rest of the setting.
  • Price Quotation — Prices should not be quoted on the advertisement copy except when they are very low as in clearance sale or special offers. But if an appeal is being made to high class customers who care more for quality than for price, a price quotation should be avoided and emphasis should be laid on quality.
  • Reply Coupons — Reply coupons inserted in an advertisement in an unusual setting are yet another way of attracting attention of the readers to the copy.

2. Suggestive Value – The next task would be to offer a suggestion about the use and the utility of the product that may remain inscribed on the mind of the reader even when he forget where he really saw the advertisement. Slogans, Pictures, phrases and suggesting may be used for this purpose. They should be drafted and used as to drive home to the reader the utility of the product in everyday situation.

3. Memorizing Value — The copy of the advertisement should be so drafted and laid out that the product will stick to the mind of the individual reader. Repetition of advertisement with slogan is an effective method of creating a memorizing value. Pictures and photographs confirming to the suggestion will have tremendous memorizing value.

4. Conviction Value — An advertisement copy can prove effective and achieve the desired end when the suggestion contained in it is backed by convincing arguments. The advertiser must be careful to include the statement in the advertisement copy which does not conform to the product.

5. Sentimental ValueSentiments play a very important role in advertising, particularly in the case of food articles. Sentiments reflect the personal feelings and attitudes of an individual towards various things. They indicate reactions of a person in favor or against a particular product. The advertiser or manufacturer should make a sincere attempt to make an appeal to the sentiments of as may prospects as possible.

6. Educational Value — A good copy of advertisement must possess educative value because the object of modern advertising is not merely to satisfy the existing demand but to create future demand. So a good copy of advertisement should educate the general public about the uses of the new product or the new uses of the same product. It will certainly increase the demand of the product and demand creation is one of the most important objectives of the advertisement.

7. Instinctive Appeal Value — Human thoughts and actions are guided by instincts and inclination. All that one thinks or does has its roots in one instinct or the other. Instincts are the underlying forces which compel the men to act in certain ways. The most important function of an advertisement copy is to induce, persuade and motivate the prospects to think €Ÿ well of a product and to take to its use. Advertising, essentially, is the motivation of the potential consumer and for this purpose; the advertiser should attempt to make an appeal to some basic instincts to get success in motivating the prospects. Generally speaking, the following are the basic instincts which an advertiser should keep in his mind-

  • Self Preservation Instinct — Many of our thoughts and actions are inspired by our anxiety to preserves our person our health, our family and our belongings. The sale of products like medicines, clothes etc., may be promoted by appeal to this anxiety.
  • Hoarding Instinct — Banking institutions, insurance companies or other government and non- government saving organizations serve to hoarding instinct of the people. Slogans like “Up and Up go your Savings €Ÿ may be used for this purpose.
  • Parental Instinct — Parental instinct takes the form of love and affection for the children. Those advertisers who deal in children requirements like garments, toys baby food etc. May promote this instinct in parents i.e., motherly feelings of women or parental sentiments of men through their advertisement copy.
  • Self Display Instinct — Instinct of self display is promoted by the advertisers of ready-made clothing, women’s dresses. Jewelry etc. An advertisement copy drafted for these products must be directed towards the aesthetic sense of the people by showing happy and likable people in dresses and jewelry that are being advertised.
  • Something for Nothing Instinct — Everybody has a vague desire to get something without paying anything for it. This desire is, more or less, present in everybody irrespective of the status or income. An advertisement copy that contains an offer of a prize of a gift is likely to tempt quite a many of the customers. This instinct in widely used by lottery ticket sellers by offering one free ticket with the purchase of 10 tickets or by dry-cleaners by the offering “three for two” bargain.

On the basis of the above basic instincts, the following themes or central ideas may be laid down for advertisement copies meant advertise different types of product-

  • Pride — This theme can be used to popularize luxury articles among riches, the possession of which gives them a distinctive status and a feeling of pride.
  • Beauty — This theme is used in advertisements for cosmetics, perfumeries, toilet soaps etc., for men and women.
  • Health – In drugs and food products advertisement they use of this theme is used.
  • Economy — It is central theme in advertisement of clearance sales or bargain purchases.
  • Comfort — The advertisements for fans electric appliance refrigerators etc. generally contain this feeling of comforts.
  • Fear — Themes stressing the fear of death accident personal loss through burglary frenetic. and other untoward happenings in life are generally used by insurance companies or banking companies. The traffic police is also using this theme in their notes of caution i.e., life is short Don €Ÿt make is shorter €Ÿ
  • Parental Affection – All advertisement copies of products meant for children such as toys body foods and dresses etc use this feeling.
  • Patriotism — This theme may be used in advertisement for those who use foreign products.
  • Achievement — This theme is used generally by large concerns engaged in the production of goods necessary for the development of country’s economy.
  • Emulation and Imitation — This theme is used where people buy more not to satisfy their genuine requirement, but as their neighbors happen to possess them.

Thus, a good advertisement copy must possess the above qualities to make it an ideal advertisement.

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