Role and Importance of Advertising

Advertising is part of Marketing. In order to stimulate customer response always the advertisement is a good opportunity for the company to promote. The more people see the product/service, the more they feel like buying it. So many companies rely on advertising these days to boost sales of their products or services, to build a connection with their audience and to create competition with their rival firms. There are different types to gain customer’s awareness like advertising, and promotion, Also there are different places that advertisements can be positioned, using the metro, trams, buses, restaurants and so on The advertising objectives should support main company’s goal and should be discussed with company-client in order to avoid misunderstanding. The advertising roles are based on company’s marketing strategy, like; Increase sales, Increase brand awareness and Supporting other market efforts.

Advertising gives companies and businesses the opportunity to build up a brand and an identity. A recent example of this having great success is with the Apple brand. The distinct adverts in both TV and print form are instantly identifiable as the company’s own and give it an identity as a clean, modern and reputable brand. Advertisements need to relate to current trends and sell both a product individually as well as the company as a whole. If an advertisement succeeds at both it can help draw an audience to the product or service and build a relationship between the consumer and company. Establishing this connection should lead to a boost in sales for the business. One of the best ways to advertise is by word of mouth, also known as referral marketing or referral advertising. When other people hear good things about your business or they have a positive experience shopping with your business, they become walking billboards for your business without you having to spend additional money on ads to create it.

Advertising locally through newspapers and fliers as well as billboards can be an effective source of it when your business is up-and-coming, but expanding your advertising sources becomes important as you grow. You can extend your advertising approach out to television commercials as well as radio in order to reach wider audiences, but the revenue from your business should be able to pay for it costs for these methods to bring you the value you are looking for.

Creating an assortment of advertising and marketing techniques will help you to reach many different customer bases. Identifying a target market to advertise your business to is also very valuable, because a target market of customers will be more interested in your business than trying to appeal to masses of people with varying interests. Making sure that enough people know that you exist who are naturally interested in your product as a target is a great way to bring in customers and increase the profit of your business.

Creating an impulse in potential customers to purchase your product is very important when it comes to advertising. It can be easy to create it that puts your customer in a mindset not to purchase your product, either by unintentionally avoiding the sale of your product by focusing on information or topics that draw attention away from your product. Be sure to study the needs of your target market to get the best results. In modern times the importance of advertising your business is no different. Without an audience for your product or service, you will not attract enough customers and will not make enough sales to keep your business doors open.

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