The Role of Business Research

Research is a systematic search for information in order to obtain a clear picture concerning the underlying problem. Technically speaking, research is a process of identifying problem thoroughly, establishing an objective, collecting and analyzing the relevant data in order to determine the possible factors causing the problem. Thus, research activities are consistent search for information with the objective to get a clearer picture concerning the problem and to propose specific recommendation for the solution.

Role of Research in Business

Making the right decision is an ideal practice in any business whenever the organization encounters a problem. A good organization primarily conducts research to resolve the critical problems surrounding their business such as competition, customer satisfaction, product innovation, customer complaints, and new government policies affecting the industry.

Decision making process requires systematic and organized efforts to investigate a specific problem in a business setting. The first step in understanding the problem is to identify specifically the main issue that requires further investigation. The next steps are to identify factors associated with the problem, gather the relevant information, analyze data, interpret output and provide the recommendation to the manager for his decision-making. It simply means that the decision making process comprises a series of steps designed and executed with the goal of getting the best solution to the underlying problem faced by the organization.

Actually, the entire process in which the managers attempt to solve their problem is the steps in conducting a research project. The research definition in the previous section suggests that research involved the process of inquiry, investigation, examination, and experimentation that need to be conducted systematically, diligently, critically, objectively and in a logical order. Thus, the results of research would be the findings, which would help the managers to deal with the real situation. Therefore, we can define business research as an organized, systematic inquiry concerning the problem, and undertaken with the purpose of finding the best solution to a problem. In addition, the research findings should be able to clarify all ambiguities surrounding the problem. In research the ambiguities surrounding the problem are addressed in term of research questions.

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