Should You Get an MBA? Here’s How to Decide

The decision as to whether or not you should get an MBA is not as straightforward as it might seem. It may not be a simple yes or no answer. Instead, the answer might be “yes, but not yet” or “no, but you should get a master’s in another business-related subject.” On the other hand, depending on your circumstances, the answer might also be an unqualified yes. For some, an MBA can be one of their most important career moves while for others, it can be a waste of time and money. How can you decide which it will be for you?… Read the rest

Is it Worth Taking a Car Loan?

Many are ready to buy on credit and pay off the debt with an overpayment for several years. Banks meet the wishes of customers and annually develop interesting offers for car loans. In the article, we talk about the pros and cons of car loans.

When to take a car loan

As soon as the bank issued the first car loan, the car ceased to be a luxury, but its cost did not become more comfortable. Therefore, if you are simply tired of an old car, do not rush to take out a loan. Weigh the pros and cons. Large spending will immediately affect your budget.… Read the rest

How NFTs Can Kickstart Your Business

2021 has been another year that has been difficult for businesses as many are still feeling the effects of the ongoing global issues. This has led to many looking to diversify their offerings to create new opportunities. One resounding area of growth that many have been capitalizing on is the introduction of cryptocurrency and NFTs, also known as Non Fungible Tokens.

Samsung is just one of the names that have announced that they will be offering their customers the option to purchase some of these verified digital assets via their latest line of smart televisions. Rather than being fungible, like cryptocurrencies, the NFT is a piece of digital content which, although linked to the blockchain, are not interchangeable, meaning no two can be the same.… Read the rest

How to Take Your Business to a New Level by Running a Business Blog

The question of how to grow your business is always relevant. The pandemic added to this importance by changing the rules of the game. Many old tools no longer work.

But business people know that new challenges create new opportunities. It’s time to learn new tools to grow your business. A business blog is one of them. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Include a Business Blog in Your Marketing Campaign

The main goal of business promotion is to find new customers. When you are working on a strategy that will help grow your business, don’t forget about the blog.

Here is a list of short tips for blogging to increase customers:

  • research the target audience;
  • analyze informational key phrases;
  • prepare a content plan for the blog;
  • write interesting articles that are easy to read;
  • add useful infographics, quality photos, and video content;
  • interest the audience and lead to the sales page.
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How to Properly Budget Your Monthly Finances

What exactly is a monthly budget? 

Creating a monthly budget is a great way to plan for how you will spend your money each month. Monthly budgets are a good idea, as there are many expenses we have, such as bills, utilities, and loan payments that occur on a monthly basis. 

Ideally, your budget should involve spending less than you make each month, which will inevitably leave you with money you can set aside to save up. Budgeting for more than you earn in a month would mean the opposite, often spending saving or borrowing money to make ends meet, which will just draw you into an inevitable cycle. Read the rest

Should You Treat Accounts Payable as a Cost Centre?

With the evolution of technology comes the increase in competition in the corporate world. As such, businesses have started investing in automation software to keep up with the trend. To streamline processes, they are getting tools that automate several functions. These include accounts payable and accounts receivable. 

But, some think of accounts payable (AP) as a cost centre. They believe that while it costs money to run, it does not bring profit to an organization. This must be because its contributions to a company’s revenues are indirect. As such, cost centre managers like an accounting department try to keep their costs down. Read the rest