How Internet of Things (IoT) Transforms the Retail Industry?

Competition is at the center of the victory or disappointment of firms. Competition decides the suitability of a firm’s exercises that can contribute to its execution, such as advancements, a cohesive culture, or great execution. Competitive Advantage is the seek for a favorable competitive position in an industry, the elemental field in which competition happens. Competitive advantage points to set up a beneficial and economical position against the powers that decide industry competition. A firm’s competition is expected to incorporate not as it were all of its current competitors, but moreover, potential competitors balanced to enter an industry at a future date.… Read the rest

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – Meaning, Strengths, and Weaknesses

With the accelerated pace of life, people don’t want to spend more time on hospital registration, procedure, and other trivial things. Internet of medical things can help it by applying internet in medical staff, like the patient can make an appointment online, the personal information and the very first disease description can be sent to hospital information system and assigned to a doctor, which decreases time on waiting and personal information registration. For people living somewhere far away from medical resources, remote medical treatment may be a good choice to let the man away from distant puzzles. Even inside the hospital, the internet can be useful by sending physical checking messages from doctor to specialist for a traffic injured patient.… Read the rest

Internet of Things (IoT) – Meaning, Opportunities, Security Threats and Solutions

Today technology has gotten to a level where the Internet of Things (IoT) is an unavoidable reality. Now, an average person has at least three devices connected to the internet, including a smartphone and a personal computer. These already collect significant information about individuals which are used by different systems to make their lives better. As such, with more devices, it will be possible to improve the quality of life for different people, especially when these devices are interconnected. However, what is supposed to be beneficial has the challenges that make it a risky venture. Although the Internet of Things is expected to change things for the better, it is marred with many challenges which might eventually make it disadvantageous.… Read the rest

What Is Data Strategy?

Data Strategy defines a set of choices and actions that, together, define a high-level course of action to achieve high-level goals. It involves business plans to use knowledge to a competitive advantage to support business objectives. A Data Strategy requires an understanding of the data needs inherent in the Business Strategy.

Like many other terms, “data strategy” has several synonyms in data management. They include but are not limited to business data strategy, business data management strategy, information management strategy, business information management strategy, information strategic plan.  All these terms refer to the same concept of a single, enterprise plan for the use of organizational data as an essential asset for strategic and operational decision-making.… Read the rest

The Importance of Going Green

A definition of green management according to is the process within an organization of applying innovation in order to achieve sustainability, waste reduction, social responsibility and a competitive advantage by the aids of continuous learning and development. Organizations shall be doing such developments, by implementing environmental goals and strategies which match the goals and strategies of the organization. This will therefore help the organization to stay focused to its mission and vision.

Nowadays, it is found that companies advertise their products by promoting their environmentally – friendly behavior. It does not matter whether it is on TV or on banner; the message of “go green” is almost always used.… Read the rest

Email Security Best Practices to Keep Your Business Safe

The most pervasive means of communication today for businesses and private citizens, Electronic mail or Email, was not designed with security in mind. Today, Email application is built into almost all smart devices from phones to computers to gaming and sensor devices. however, the Email message that this device send and receive is transmitted in plain text format in almost all cases. with ever-increasing cybercrime, sending plain text message that can potentially contain sensitive data is a risky undertaking. This weakness in security in Email systems, has made Email the primary attack vector for criminals. Cybercriminals use Email as simplest and cheapest method to ship their malicious payload to targets.… Read the rest