A Brief Introduction to Six Sigma Methodology

The creation of Six Sigma Methodology is understood to be traced back to Carl Friedrich Gauss and introduced as a measurement in variation in organizations.  Six Sigma name comes from the Greek alphabet “Sigma” which mathematician or statisticians uses in statistics to find a standard deviation.  Motorola was the first company to use Six Sigma, to measure the quality of products and services from within.  In the process of Motorola using Six Sigma, it helped them to pinpoint mistakes such as finances and operations.  Six Sigma’s core philosophy was based on business process and customer requirements, extensive training to employees, focus on the organization, and creating an improved system.… Read the rest

The Importance of Human Resources Management in Organizations

The functioning of modern organizations is highly dependent on the effectiveness of human resource management, which affects consistently organizational development. In actuality, human resources comprise important assets of any organization. In such a situation, many organizations are concerned with the improvement of the performance of human resources through motivating employees and developing effective approaches to human resource management. Traditionally, human resource management played an important role in the effective functioning of an organization. At the same time, the present epoch is characterized by the development of numerous human resource challenges which were practically unknown in the past. In such a situation it is extremely important to clearly identify the problem or problems and their major causes in order to be able to cope with the HR challenges and maintain the normal functioning of organizations.… Read the rest

Cybersecurity – Best Practices to Protect Business Organizations

In any organization, there are set duties, assignments and responsibilities to accomplish department goals, targeted objectives, and outcomes. Employees at every level within a business organization should take their responsibilities about Cybersecurity very seriously and be part of the organization Cybersecurity focus. Every department under the business structure should know what their part within the organization cybersecurity program. Every one, though matter what department they belong to should work as a team to meet and exceed the organization cybersecurity goals.

Having a great cybersecurity program is the responsibility of management and it should be a part of every facet in all sectors of the business.… Read the rest

Business Continuity Management (BCM) According to ISO 22301

Doing business is a great thing if everything runs perfectly. As we all know there is no such thing as a perfect way of doing anything. This is true in the business arena. Things are going to happen which is not in the best interest of the day to day operation of any business. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fire, and volcanoes can happen at any given time. Your business could be a victim of a serious data breach. All of the previously mentioned scenarios can seriously affect how business is run.

To counteract those on foreseen events every company should have a continuity disaster recovery plan.… Read the rest

NetSuite ERP Software – True Cloud ERP Platform for Any Business

The main objective of establishing a business organization is to ensure that returns from the venture are maximized. Entrepreneurs must work around the clock for the mobilization of resources and make sure that the business goals are achieved. Various mechanisms are applied to enable the accomplishment of the missions. These encompass the creation of a working environment that is favorable, the adoption of the right technology as well as ensuring that there is the provision of suitable services and products into the market. Any business organization that aims at growing and attain global recognition has to make better consideration of technological trends.… Read the rest

Uses and Risks of Personal Data in Big Corporations

Big Data has taken a huge role in art in creating today’s Technological Revolution. It is a phrase coined to describe the exponential volume of data we currently hold. Data is collected from a number of sources including cell phones, applications, databases, servers, etc. In return, it can then be used to find trends, patterns, and connections specifically related to how humans behave along with their interactions. This information includes likes, dislikes, preferences, and search and buyer history and is not limited to personal data such as birthdate, social security number, home address, and much more. Corporations across the globe have found new ways to use this data in everyday business functions.… Read the rest