Importance of Customer Service Policies in Hospitality Industry

It is a matter of fact that in today’s world customer service has an important role in determining the profitability and the reputation of a business organization that operates in travel and tourism industry. It can surely be said that it is one of the major factors that provides a competitive advantage to a business organization whose management effectively implement various customer service policies in the workplace. The business leaders of the organizations like hotels, restaurants and membership clubs thus should stress on introducing various customer service policies in their organizations. in this regard it should be mentioned that not only business organizations operating under travel and tourism industry, but the managements of all types of business organizations should think about introducing effective customer service policies in the organizations so that their enterprises can experience better productivity along with increased reputation and profitability due to higher customer satisfaction level. InContinue reading

Social CRM – Integration of Social Media into Customer Relationship Management

The modern corporate world has experienced gradual changes over time resulting from different business environments. These environmental changes both internally and externally have in one way or the other affected the growth of business organizations as well as the organizational performance. One of the best ways or improving organizational or business performance is through improving the organizational customer relationships. Business customers act as the greatest assets of the business and therefore their relationship with the business determines the overall performance of the business. A satisfied customer will always end up being a loyal customer of the business and also becomes an ambassador of the company to other prospective customers. Many businesses or organizations have embraced the use of information technology in perceiving different organizational changes and developing effective strategies to counter these environmental changes. On the other hand some other companies have not yet shifted to the use of informationContinue reading

The Importance of Making Time for Yourself During Your First Year of College

The first year of college often brings excitement, challenges, and a whirlwind of activities. Amidst the bustle of classes, new friendships, and extracurriculars, one critical aspect often gets sidelined: making time for oneself. This personal time is not just a luxury but an essential factor in student success and well-being. Keep reading to discover why prioritizing yourself can make all the difference in your collegiate journey. Strategies for Balancing Academics and Self-Care Mastering the art of balancing academics and self-care is a key skill for any successful student. It begins with effective time management, which involves setting clear priorities and boundaries. Students should allocate specific time slots for studying and separate those designated for relaxation. This approach avoids blurring the lines between work and leisure, making each more effective. Creating a routine can help enforce these boundaries, giving structure to study sessions and downtime. Furthermore, using tools such as plannersContinue reading

Importance of Work-Life Flexibility

Over the past decade, the phrase work-life balance has been commonplace but in recent years, the term workplace flexibility has been gaining more popularity. Work-life flexibility is becoming more and more common these days as some employees, especially millennials and other younger workers, prefer work-life flexibility and not work-life balance. Work-life balance basically implies that staff members should not be totally consumed by work responsibilities. Business organizations that have adopted this workplace ideal tend to have generous, albeit still clear, vacation policies. Such companies encourage their staff members to work the normal 9-5 work schedule with very little flexibility. In addition, they discourage workaholics. On the other hand, work-life flexibility entails providing employees with flexible work arrangements or flexible schedules that allow them to have some flexibility so that they can easily manage the increasing overlap of life and work. With work-life flexibility, employees would be able to have flexibleContinue reading

Work Life Balance and Wellness in Organizations

Human resource management refers to the management that combines all the activities of the organization and increase the satisfaction level of most important asset of the organization that are the employees of the company. An organization can never build a good team of good professionals without having an efficient human resource management team with them. The human resource management of organization is completely responsible to satisfy the employees and make them feel connected with the activities of the company as well. Further, the organizational behavior is also one of the aspects that helps the employees to create work-life balance or eliminates it from their lives. The human resource management of the organization create effective workplace environment that maintain good workplace environment for the employees to work effectively and satisfy themselves in the organization. Work-life balance is taken as one of the basic requirement that is required by the employees toContinue reading

What is Work Life Flexibility?

Work life flexibility is important to have an effective and productive work at the workplace. It is seen that there are various advantages on having flexibility in work life. Having an appropriate work life balance is also essential to have a healthy lifestyle and a successful career. Work life flexibility helps the employee to be more responsible towards his family and adjust himself in various situations. The traditional method of job is found to be from 9am to 5pm. This is usually found as working hours in office. However, this traditional method of office hours is dying with time. In the modern world, people think that this traditional method of office hours does not make any practical sense. It is seen in the modern world that both the parents of a family are working. They need to stay outside the house more than they can give time to their family.Continue reading