Why Information Security is Needed?

Information Security is very important from day to day life to protect your Information online. Leaning how to protect yourself online can benefit you in many ways by keeping your identity form being stolen or your bank account being compromised. Everyday people are led into scams to take information to use it for their own cause. Also learning Information Security is easy to get into. There are many websites and articles to read on to learn about attacks and what to do in a situation. Also learning about privy on social media can help with noticing scams that hackers use on victims.… Read the rest

What is Hyperledger Technology?

Hyperledger Fabric is an implementation from blockchain framework, hosted by the Linux Foundation. It is an open source enterprise-grade permission that makes use of distributed ledger technology. It is a platform that deploys blockchain networks with the platform providing smart contracts, the ledger, and providing a consensus between the members through maintenance of the Fabric protocols. Fabric is designed for use by businesses with the blockchain itself being operated by a set of known participants. These participants are re-identified and vetted through a concept called the permission blockchain.

The blockchain also provides a way of securing an interaction among a group of entities who know each other and have common business interests.… Read the rest

Integration of Blockchain and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Blockchain Technology

As a way to increase data security for transaction, a new system that allows these transactions to occur automatically more securely and without an intermediary has been conceived. Blockchain or (Distributed Ledger Technology) was developed in the aftermath of the 2008 recession to deliver transparency, security, and efficiency in managing transactions between multiple parties. This concept is now being implemented or considered in many business models worldwide.

What really is Blockchain? In its simplest form, Blockchain can be described as a private, secure network that uses cryptography to keep exchanges secure, provides a decentralized database, or digital ledger, of transactions that everyone on the network can see.… Read the rest

Case Study: Success of Starbucks Mobile Payment Application

Starbucks redefined highly competitive coffee shop business and successfully created an uncontested market by turning the simple coffee drinking experience into a way of life experience by drastically redefining the coffee shop environment by adding music, Wi-Fi, relaxed seating and luxurious interiors. Till Starbucks disrupted the traditional coffee shop market most of the focus was on the price, location and quality of coffee shops. Starbucks innovative value proposition includes wide variety of mostly coffee based menu along with other types of drinks that catered to wide range of audience who are willing to pay top buck for the luxurious and relaxed interiors that are perfect environment for socializing with friends and relax.… Read the rest

Charactristics of Business Information

Information is a fact, datum, observation perception or any other thing that adds to knowledge. In the words of Gordon B. Davis “Information is data that has been processed into a form that is meaningful to the recipient and is of real or perceived value in current or prospective decisions”.

Information is obtained either by direct observation or by communication. Most of business information is obtained through communication. Even in the simplest responsibility center, the manager could not observe with his own senses everything that is going on, nor would he want to devote his time to doing so, even if it were possible.… Read the rest

Management Information and Control Systems (MICS) Installation

The decision to establish a formal Management Information and Control System (MICS) becomes almost inevitable in today’s business climate. The accelerating needs for uniform, concise and timely information by all levels of management dictates the establishment of such a system. The results can be better control of and greater profitability from the enterprise. Essentially the functioning of a MICS involves transmission of all pertinent data necessary to the conduct of a business to one or more management information centers, where it is maintained mid then disseminated in discrete form to all levels of management. This description provides no reference to computers or any other specific type of data processing equipment.… Read the rest