Why Aren’t You Using LinkedIn?

You are eager to start a career and you would like to be hired by a good company. What you’re doing now, besides getting your resume ready, is doing some research on some of the bigger Indian enterprises. You’re going to the library and taking a look at the annual reports, and any other information you might find. There’s just one problem with what you are doing: you are wasting your time.

You have the best of intentions and that is really commendable. The criticism is that you are using the traditional way of finding information. Annual reports are dated, and they become history almost immediately after they are published.Read the rest

Here’s How a Specialised MBA in Agriculture can Boost Your Career Prospects

There are many aspirants for MBA as a course to pursue their higher studies in, to become a business professional. An MBA course will up your ante in the job market, making you a desirable hire. As an MBA student, you inherit various skills such as looking at the bigger picture that eventually helps you grow and prosper in your career.

The field of MBA is witnessing a shift in trend in the recent past. Students are seeking to pursue an MBA in unconventional courses. The interest of the students is shifting from traditional courses like finance, marketing, human resources, global management, and more.… Read the rest

Top 7 Best Ways of Getting MBA Assignment Writing Help

Numerous college or university assignments get really overwhelming in time and coping with every task is getting pretty tough. At first, you try, do research, make a plan, and hand in worthy papers but then, being absolutely exhausted, you start looking for assistance. Frankly speaking, with MBA assignments it is a usual thing.

The MBA degree program deals not only with studying but also with preparing case studies that are always a true burden for students. You need to learn and understand the basic requirements as they are different. While academic writing requires typical vocabulary, dealing with a business assignment you have to sound professional.… Read the rest

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Need to Watch These MBA Trends in 2019

For many students pursuing an MBA, the most common aspiration is to become an entrepreneur and running a startup within ten years of graduating.

These aspirations are what have driven potential entrepreneurs to pursue a masters in business administration for decades.

And though this trend seems firmly rooted in the culture of entrepreneurship, other aspects of the landscape are not as entrenched.

Here are 4 trends to keep a close eye on if you’re aspiring to run or launch a startup of any kind.

1. Business schools and training programs will become an increasing source of unique and valuable information not easily acquired elsewhere.… Read the rest

Popularity of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Higher education – the area a young individual decides to graduate/post-graduate in – is perhaps one of the most important choices a person makes during his/her lifetime. A choice at this juncture determines the course of one of the largest investments in terms of time, money and commitment a person could make. Such an important decision needs considerable thinking on the part of the individual. ‘Why do I want to do this educational programme?’ is a question that needs to be answered. At a later point in life, some individuals may feel repentance on his/her wrong choice of higher education at the degree/P.G.… Read the rest