Popularity of Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Higher education – the area a young individual decides to graduate/post-graduate in – is perhaps one of the most important choices a person makes during his/her lifetime. A choice at this juncture determines the course of one of the largest investments in terms of time, money and commitment a person could make. Such an important decision needs considerable thinking on the part of the individual. ‘Why do I want to do this educational programme?’ is a question that needs to be answered. At a later point in life, some individuals may feel repentance on his/her wrong choice of higher education at the degree/P.G. level. The ‘too-late’ realization with a feeling of disillusionment is a direct outcome of unconsidered early-life decisions relating to higher education and subsequent career/profession. When faced with the question of what to do in life, the result usually may fall into two categories: He/she may do what others want him/her to do or do what everybody around him/her seems to be doing. The compulsion to get into one field of study or another field of study usually comes from the individual’s parents or / and people around him/her. This may happen especially in the case of professional courses.

If we ask any MBA aspirant why he/she wants to do MBA, the answers may follow predictable lines. Usually, everyone wants to work in a multinational/national company and earn a fat salary, or is preparing for it since friends are into it. A few may actually know what to expect from the profession.… Read the rest