3 Loan Options for People with Bad Credit

According to FICO.com, 11.5% of American have a credit score that is below 550. 60% of these people will take out another loan and default on that loan. It’s easy to see why fewer lenders are willing to loan to individuals with a credit score of 550 and below.  It’s risky.  

That being said, people with bad credit still have a variety of loan options that can help get through life’s hurdles. This article will detail the 3 most common loan options for a lower credit score, and the golden rules of utilizing them.

Option 1: Online Installment Loans

Installment loans vary in length, terms, and amounts.… Read the rest

Best Premium Credit Card in India 2019

A Credit Card is one of the readily available and popular financial instruments, which offers the freedom of making purchases and paying bills, without having to pay upfront. Moreover, these cards offer a wide array of benefits, in the form of reward points, flyer miles, additional discounts, and brand-specific offers.

However, if you want some additional lifestyle benefits from your card, your best bet is to invest in the Best Premium Credit Card in India. Not only do such cards offer benefits that are above and beyond those offered by regular cards, such as Lounge Access at Airports, but also entitle you to exciting redemption alternatives which can help enhance the quality of your lifestyle!… Read the rest

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Indian Banking Sector

In recent years, a rapid revolution is transforming the banking industry around the world. In early 1990s, banks and other financial intermediaries have been affected by greater risk and sharp competition due the wave of deregulation in India. Due to cross-border flows and entry of new players and products, banks are forced to adjust the product-mix and modify their processes and operations to remain competitive. Also, better tracking and fulfillment of commitments, multiple delivery channels for customers and faster resolution of incoordination is possible due to extensive use of technology.

Today banks are market driven and market responsive and every bank’s CEO is more concerned about how to increase or at least maintain the market share in every line of business against the backdrop of sharp competition.… Read the rest

Money Laundering

Money laundering is a process used by offenders who attempt to conceal the true origin and ownership of the proceeds; these proceeds are results of criminal activities. It allows them to maintain control over the proceeds and provide a legitimate cover for their source of income.

The laundering of the proceeds that result from criminal activity is done through the financial system. The people who are involved in such an action exploit the facilities of the financial institutions of the world. Such an action is done easily under these conditions of free movement of capital. Banks involved in such actions risk to lose their market reputation.… Read the rest

Deciding on the Right Credit Card

How much is the joining fee and the annual fee?

Generally, a credit card with a higher annual fee enjoys more benefits like higher credit limit, higher accident insurance cover, accessibility to airport lounges, travel discounts etc. OF at least the used to be the case. With cutthroat competition between the card issuing banks, players are ready to waive joining fees and also one-year membership fees for anyone. Grab these offers, or negotiate this for yourself.

How much is the Add-on card fee?

If you are interested in buying add-on cards for your children, spouse or friend, ask for the add-on card fee.… Read the rest

Credit Card Industry in India

The credit card industry in India has registered an encouraging growth in recent times, but the usage pattern of credit cards remains a point of concern, those in the industry say. Seven years back, India had a base of around five lakh credit cards. There has been a seven-fold increase, with the number of cardholders touching over 38 lakh. These figures point towards the fact that the credit card industry in India is growing at a brisk annual rate of 30 per cent and is expected to grow at a similar rate in the coming years. This fortifies the view that conservative purchasing ideas are giving way to the big in-thing.… Read the rest