Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare

Internet of Things (IoT) is a revolution in computer technology and communication that aims to connect objects together through the Internet. IoT is an idea of a worldwide distributed network, that can be fit into any environment with the aim of collect object data and sending this information for storage and analysis through the internet to some other location. Internet of Things means things interact with the Internet by employing sensors, microcontrollers, and transceivers for empowering communication and is built with suitable protocol stacks which help them interacting with each other and communicating with the users, thus becoming the constitutive part of the Internet. Nowadays, the Internet is impacting several aspects of the potential user’s everyday life. IoT is a highly dynamic distributed network composed of a very large number of objects. Human beings supply most of the contents and information found on the Internet so far, whereas in IoT,Continue reading

Why is Data Analytics Important in Healthcare?

Do you know about data analytics? These data analytics allow for an industry to obtain any insights from patters and connections that are found so they can make better decisions. Businesses are able to achieve multiple advantages by using these statistics. Analytics help find meaning in real-time or historical data so there can be prediction made about the future to improve the probability of success. Due to the healthcare industry using data analytics they will be able to benefit their business by improving patient care quality, improve operational efficiency, and prevent diseases. Every business is curious on how they can make their operations better whether it’s for money savings or for the care of patients. Using analytics will allow for the improvement of operational efficiencies. The ERP systems allow for them to collect all the information that they want to include in their statistics. Analytics allow for businesses to find the gapsContinue reading

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) – Meaning, Strengths, and Weaknesses

With the accelerated pace of life, people don’t want to spend more time on hospital registration, procedure, and other trivial things. Internet of medical things can help it by applying internet in medical staff, like the patient can make an appointment online, the personal information and the very first disease description can be sent to hospital information system and assigned to a doctor, which decreases time on waiting and personal information registration. For people living somewhere far away from medical resources, remote medical treatment may be a good choice to let the man away from distant puzzles. Even inside the hospital, the internet can be useful by sending physical checking messages from doctor to specialist for a traffic injured patient. Internet of medical things can be really helpful in our life, and we do need it. Information technology is the basement of internet development, and internet application also accelerates theContinue reading

Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

Health is the most integral part of life. In the healthcare industry a vast amount of data is generated from different segments of healthcare organizations such as hospitals, healthcare service providers, insurance providers etc. However, like other sectors ranging from retail to banking, who have already leveraged the potentials of big data, the healthcare industry has not yet fully explored the importance of big data in deriving valuable insights from such vast amount of data at hand. For example, Grocery stores determine the loyalty of their customers by identifying the sales patterns, giving discounts and special offers, having a mix of products which not only improve their profits but also, increases their customer satisfaction. Claims providers and payers, the pharmaceutical industry has now only utilized big data to tackle issues such as changes in the quality of healthcare services, reducing fraud and abuse of claims, improved care. Due to theContinue reading