Electronic Human Resource (e-HR)

e-HR stands for Electronic Human Resource. The term e-HR refers to deal Human Resource Management transactions using an internet. E-HR aims to keep information available to employees and managers at anywhere at any time. E-HR may include organizations HR portals and web applications, Enterprise Resource Planning, HR service centers and interactive voice response. There are three identified levels of e-HR such as publishing of information (delivered by intranet medium), automation of transactions with integration of workflow (intranet or extranet used) and transformation of the HR function (redirect HR function towards a strategic one). E-HR is characterized in field of HRM as having numerous innovations in Technology and it provides wider potential in term of usages including employee self service, information sharing, functions administration and production of reports.

e-HR make use of technology to create a real-time, information-based Self-service, interactive work environment. With e-HR, managers can access relevant information and data, conduct analyses, decision making and communicate with others and employees are able to control their own personal information like update their records when it changes and make any decision on their own without consulting with any professionals help.

e-HR will effect both efficiency and effectiveness of Human resources function in such a way that the efficiency of the human resource process can be effected by reducing cycle time for paperwork, improvements is data accuracy and reducing manpower requirement. In similar way the effectiveness of human resource process will be effected by improving the capabilities of both employees and managers to make a better and accurate decisions.… Read the rest

Role of Human Resource Management in Organizations Difficult Times

Today, Human Resource Management (HRM) is emphasizing on adding value in the organization as a key player. The most significant challenge for organization in difficult time (recession) is transforming of the human resource to recognize, sustain, enlarge and exploit talents in the whole organization to their fullest capacities than organization can claim that it has the best of the systems to identify talents across the organization. The management professionals and employees might undergo through the anxiety and other issues during recession and economic downturn, so organization must make plan for economic crisis.

Roles and functions of HR in the Organizational change

HR can and ought to play a key role in creating and executing organizational change and transition. HR can give help and direction in investigation and determination, highlighting the employee’s problems that will essentially influence the success of the organization. HR might recommend on resourcing programs and planning and executing the key learning, reward, aspects of involvement and communications process. HR can foresee individual’s issues and manage them before they get serious. If the program does include rebuilding and downsizing, HR can recommend on how this ought to be carried out empathetically and with the base interruption to individuals’ live.

When the business is in turbulence zone, HR can put its straight out best in guaranteeing that he directs the corporate effectively. HR needs to be capable in such circumstances in light of the fact that they not just need to keep up the individuals inspiration level however needs to expand it utilizing non-money related apparatuses.… Read the rest

Designing Strategy-Supportive Reward Systems in Organizations

Creating a strategy-supportive reward structure for an organization is an important task as it is a powerful management tools for gaining employee buy-in and commitment. Meanwhile, the key to creating a reward system is to promote relevant measures of performance that the dominating basis for designing incentives, evaluating individual and group efforts, and handling out rewards. In a competitive business climate, more business owners are looking at improvements in quality while reducing costs. While businesses need to get more from their employees, their employees are looking for more out of them. Employee reward and recognition programs are one method of motivating employees to change work habits and key behavior’s to benefit a business.

As the strategy-supportive reward structure motivates and attracts the employee, designing the reward structure for an organization is quite complex. This is because the importance of the reward structure should define on the job and assignment in terms of the results to be accomplished and not just in terms of the duties to be performed.

A properly spelled out reward structure will emphasis all the below items in the process of developing the reward structure:

  1. Identification of company goals that the reward program will support: The team whom designing a reward program must identify the companies goals to be reached and the behavior’s or performance that will contribute towards the company goals and develop the reward structure which will attracts the employees to achieve the goals in order to be rewarded.
  2. Identify the desired employee performance or behavior’s that will reinforce the company’s goals: By identifying the desired employees performance or behavior’s that will help the company to achieve the goals, the team whom designing the reward program could include in the performance measurement and desired behaviors into the reward structure.
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Perceptions of the Human Resource among Top Management

Human Resource is used to describe individuals in the workforce of an organization, even if it is also applied in labor economics, for instance, industries and even entire nations. Human resources is also the name of the function in a body with overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies on people management. Human resource management involves the development of a perfect blend between tradition and administrative functions well-being of all employees in an organization.

Top management care little about human resource compared to production, marketing, finance, and engineering. There are some reasons.

Marketing department is the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services. It generates the strategy behind the sales techniques, business communication and business developments. It is an integrated process by which organizations build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and themselves. Marketing is used to identify the customer, to satisfy the customer, and to keep the customer. With the customer at the center of its activities, it can be concluded that marketing management is a key component of business management. The adoption of marketing strategies requires companies to shift their focus from production to the perceived needs and desires of their customers how to stay profitable.

However human resource is not relative customer. It is relation between manager and workforce or worker, which clearly shows that human resource, has got to care much of the company’s employees as well as its employees’ attitude towards the customers, which means that the employees have to be well trained.… Read the rest

Human Resource Management and Personnel Management

Human Resource Management and Personnel Management have become a very important part of the management process in the twenty-first century, and are getting vital attention in management discussions, or in the business strategy of most organizations. Some people find Human Resource Management and Personnel Management as jargons, but to serious minded people they seem to make a lot of sense, even if there are differences of opinion. It also seems that even professional managers often differ in their understanding of the role differences between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management. Many feel that it is the same old wine in a new bottle with a different label, or that HRM is only a more modern terminology.

The management philosophy was undergoing changes, and it showed that most people working not only by supervision and fear, but generally they performed better on their own if they were given the freedom of decision making, adequate skills training, broad guidance and knowledge of the plans – these factors motivated people to perform. There should be creation of a more positive and far greater level of interaction between the management and employee in a prevailing environment of trust and dependence, as well as in an open organization culture. The personnel function had to be pioneer and encourage this kind of environment creation in the organization, and to provide the plans & developmental inputs to increase competency across the organization, as well as generate motivation.

Limited function role that was required from the Personnel Management in the past should be expanded to a far more professional manner to meet the organizational goals, rather than the limited functional objectives.… Read the rest

Role of Human Resources in Business Environment Improvement

In order to improve the overall business environment, the organisation structure should be resolving its business trends with its various competitors. The Human resource management which is one of the best and which provides the solutions to the consumers and deals with the various issues which are mostly due to the members in the organisation which are efficiently approached with the various activities involved. The most important and key issues which relates by making use of the human resources which constitute which are planning of the human resource, recruitment of the various staff required for the organisation, performance management, giving training and development, relation between the members of the organisation. The various activities which the human resource management deals with the members of the organisation are allocating the various rules and the policies and the various means of the utilization of the human resource development. The various needs and necessities of the members of the organisation is to provide by adopting the various western ways of deploying the various practices with marginalization of the various human changes at the work place with the concern with the various individuals at the behavior with an interest in having a deal with the various norms and the various necessities which would prove to be successful with a rapid growth for a better successful growth based on the various technologies being implemented in this particular organisation.

The human resource management which is a key aspect for sustaining the competitive advantage with the various means of experiencing with the members of the organisation which is able to implement for the successful strategies being employed.… Read the rest