How to Take Your Business to a New Level by Running a Business Blog

The question of how to grow your business is always relevant. The pandemic added to this importance by changing the rules of the game. Many old tools no longer work.

But business people know that new challenges create new opportunities. It’s time to learn new tools to grow your business. A business blog is one of them. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Include a Business Blog in Your Marketing Campaign

The main goal of business promotion is to find new customers. When you are working on a strategy that will help grow your business, don’t forget about the blog.

Here is a list of short tips for blogging to increase customers:

  • research the target audience;
  • analyze informational key phrases;
  • prepare a content plan for the blog;
  • write interesting articles that are easy to read;
  • add useful infographics, quality photos, and video content;
  • interest the audience and lead to the sales page.
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The Alignment of Compensation and Business Strategies

Compensation is a key element in the success of any business. Although compensation plans were not always seen as a strategic business initiative, their huge impact on a company’s bottom line, recruiting, retaining and motivating people has led to compensation design being considered an important element to achieving success.

Compensation and Business Strategies Alignment

It is essential that a fair, competitive and attractive compensation plan is created in order to ensure the future success of the company. If the compensation plan is carried out properly it can improve organisational effectiveness, support human capital requirements of a business, and motivate and reward achievement of key corporate strategic and financial goals.… Read the rest

How to Properly Budget Your Monthly Finances

What exactly is a monthly budget? 

Creating a monthly budget is a great way to plan for how you will spend your money each month. Monthly budgets are a good idea, as there are many expenses we have, such as bills, utilities, and loan payments that occur on a monthly basis. 

Ideally, your budget should involve spending less than you make each month, which will inevitably leave you with money you can set aside to save up. Budgeting for more than you earn in a month would mean the opposite, often spending saving or borrowing money to make ends meet, which will just draw you into an inevitable cycle. Read the rest

Role of SMEs in Economic Development

All over the world, there is growing evidence that Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the national economic development of any country. SMEs are becoming more and more a subject of high attention in the developing countries, countries in transition but also in the countries with developed economies.

In market economies, SMEs are the engine of economic development. Thanks to their private ownership, entrepreneurial spirit, their flexibility and adaptability as well as their potential to react to challenges and changing environments, SMEs contribute to sustainable growth and employment generation in a significant manner.

Until latest, the private sectors of many emerging economies were missing the middle level of development.… Read the rest

National Income Statistics: Meaning and Uses

What is National Income Statistics?

According to most dictionaries, national income is literally the total amount of money earned by a certain country. But in order to calculate the total funds and asset of the country, National Income Statistics are used, which are basically a set of rules, techniques and calculation to measure the total value of final goods and services produced. However, The National Income Statistics are only valid to calculate the national income of a country in a year.

The Uses of National Income Statistics

Like every other calculations, The National Income Statistics also have their own uses. The National Income Statistics are very important to the development of a certain country as it is the result of hard works done in a year to contribute in the enhancement of a certain country.… Read the rest

Circular Flow of Income in a Three-Sector Economy and National Income Calculation

There are three main sectors of economy consists of household sectors, business sectors and government sectors. Household sector provides the factors of the production such as land, labor and capital and enterprise that the producers require to produce goods and services. They also receive payments as in rent, wages, interest and profits from the business sector. It is also stated that in general, household sector consists of the greatest number of consumers among all sectors and satisfying the wants will cause consume of their climate aim. Business sector act as a part as in receiving economy resources from household sector and in exchange for consumer expenditure, they also provide household sectors goods and services.… Read the rest