What Pricing Policy should a Global Company Pursue?

Viewed broadly, there are three alternative positions a company can take toward worldwide pricing. 1. Extension/Ethnocentric The first can be called an extension/ethnocentric pricing policy. This policy requires that the price of an item be the same around the world and that the importer absorbs freight and import duties. This approach has the advantage of extreme simplicity because no information on competitive or market conditions is required for implementation. The disadvantage of this approach is directly tied to its simplicity. Extension pricing does not respond to the competitive and market conditions of each national market and, therefore, does not maximize the company’s profits in each national market. 2. Adaptation/Polycentric The second pricing policy can be termed adaptation/polycentric. This policy permits subsidiary or affiliate managers to establish whatever price they feel is most desirable in their circumstances. Under such an approach, there is no control or fixed requirement that prices beContinue reading

Social Aspects of International Advertising

When we consider International Advertising from the advertiser’s point of view, according to them the primary objective of advertisement is that the product or services which they are offering should be sold in the market. And in achieving the main objective of selling the product or services there are other profound consequences. Advertising puts an influence which is both persuasive and pervasive in nature. Through the selective reinforcement of certain language and values, and social goal, it acts as important force attitudes that underlie behavior not only in the market place, but also in all aspects of life. In an international marketing concern, advertising has an important social influence in a number of ways: many of the international advertising are designed to promote and introduce new products from one market to another. Often this results in sudden change in life-styles, behavior patterns of a society, stimulating for example the adoptionContinue reading

What is International Advertising?

International Advertising, generally speaking, is the promotion of goods, services, companies and ideas, usually in more than one country performed by an identified sponsor. Marketers see advertising as part of an overall promotional strategy. Other components of the promotional mix include publicity, public relations, personal selling, and sales promotion. Advertising is a cogent communication attempt to change or reinforce ones’ prior attitude that is predictable of future behavior. It can be viewed as a communication process that takes place in multiple cultures that differ in terms of values, communication styles, and consumption patterns. It is also a business activity involving advertisers and the advertising agencies that create ads and buy media in different countries. The sum total of these activities constitutes a worldwide industry that is growing in importance. International advertising is also a major force that both reflects social values, and propagates certain values worldwide. International advertising involves recognizingContinue reading

Global Market Entry and Exit Strategies

Each company has a specific strategy may be selected to suit a company’s needs. Many companies use a combination of global and national strategies. Some firms use a global strategy elsewhere some countries and some products are more receptive to global strategies than others. Global strategies are directed at those national product markets that are large and have low barriers to foreign products and companies. They are also likely to compromise the center of world demand, particularly in the newer, more technologically intensive product. Companies adapting global strategies are not likely to target seriously countries with high barriers and small national product markets. However given the long term trend in declining trade barriers coupled with the economic growth, more companies will adopt global strategies. Global Market Entry Strategies Strategy is planning through companies achieve their goals and move forward. A company makes a decision to enter an international market, thisContinue reading