The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

The Bitcoin was designed to be the perfect virtual currency. Bitcoin is completely anonymous, cryptographically secure, and friction-less. It is also invisible to law enforcement as well as the taxman. It can be seen as the holy grail of payments for anyone trying to avoid bank fees while spending money domestically or abroad. On another note it is the perfect trading grounds for members of the underground economy, attempting to avoid law enforcement and prosecution. Although there are many pros in the use of Bitcoins, there are always cons. Nothing is perfect. The strengths of Bit coin can also be considered its weaknesses. Once the money is sent, it is sent, it was designed so that there is no trust required between buyer and seller, payment was guaranteed, as soon as it enters the account, it cannot be taken back unless the seller refunds it. Not many people are willingContinue reading

What is Expert System?

An expert system is an advanced computer application that is implemented for the purpose of providing solutions to complex problems, or to clarify uncertainties through the use of non-algorithmic programs where normally human expertise will be needed. Expert systems are most common in complex problem domain and are considered as widely used alternatives in searching for solutions that requires the existence of specific human expertise. The expert system is also able to justify its provided solutions based on the knowledge and data from past users. Normally expert systems are used in making business marketing strategic decisions, analyzing the performance of real time systems, configuring computers and perform many other functions which normally would require the existence of human expertise. The difference between an expert system with a normal problem-solving system is that the latter is a system where both programs and data structures are encoded, while for expert system onlyContinue reading

Introduction to Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a branch of computing that is based on the principles of quantum mechanics. Unlike classical computers, which operate on binary digits (bits) that can be either 0 or 1, quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, which can exist in multiple states at once. This allows quantum computers to perform complex calculations much faster and more efficiently than classical computers. The history of quantum computing can be traced back to the early 1980s, when physicist Richard Feynman first proposed the idea of using quantum mechanics to solve mathematical problems. In 1985, mathematician David Deutsch developed a theory of quantum computing that showed how a quantum computer could perform certain calculations faster than a classical computer. Since then, the field of quantum computing has rapidly evolved, and today, researchers are developing a range of quantum algorithms and applications, including cryptography, drug discovery, machine learning, and optimization problems. QuantumContinue reading

Software Development Processes

Software development processes are the structures or processes imposed on the development of a software product. To produce a successful and qualitative software product certain processes management criteria need to be considered. A process is a particular method of doing something, generally involving a number of steps or operations. A software development project will have at least development activities and project management activities. The development process focuses on the activities directly related to the production of software that is design, coding, and testing. Project management processes focus on planning, estimation, scheduling and taking corrective action when things do not go as per plan. Configuration management processes focus on change and configuration control, so that the correct, tested and approved version of software component are put together for delivery. The process management processes focus on the management and improvement of these processes. The four named processes will be discussed in detail;Continue reading

Role of Information System in Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Business process reengineering concepts comes from management theories and introduce in 18th century. The purpose of business process reengineering is to make the business in best condition. The companies use the reengineering process to make the business in best position and to achieve the company goals. Business process reengineering means not only change but structural change. What kind of structural change in the organization, managing system, employee responsibilities, reward system, and information technology. Many organizations want to change the management of the organization but they not identified which part of work is to be changed. But the business process reengineering (BPR) is the concept of management and that has been formed by practical experience. BPR is not only impact inside the organization but also the external supplier and customer as well. BPR is help to increase the organization financial report and customer satisfaction and also find out the way howContinue reading

Uses and Risks of Personal Data in Big Corporations

Big Data has taken a huge role in art in creating today’s Technological Revolution. It is a phrase coined to describe the exponential volume of data we currently hold. Data is collected from a number of sources including cell phones, applications, databases, servers, etc. In return, it can then be used to find trends, patterns, and connections specifically related to how humans behave along with their interactions. This information includes likes, dislikes, preferences, and search and buyer history and is not limited to personal data such as birthdate, social security number, home address, and much more. Corporations across the globe have found new ways to use this data in everyday business functions. The collection of Big Data can be used to a company’s advantage in marketing, finance, and Government. Despite the fact that in a few situations Big Data can be hard to control, it can possibly enable organizations toContinue reading