Importance of strategy in business enviornment

With the increase in the pressure of external threats, companies have to make clear strategies and implement them effectively so as to survive. There have been companies like Martin Burn, Jessops, etc that have completely become extinct and some companies which were not existing before they became the market leaders like Reliance, Infosys, etc. The basic factor responsible for differentiation has not been governmental policies, infrastructure or labour relations but the type of strategic thinking that different companies have shown in conducting the business

Strategy provides various benefits to its users:

  • Strategy helps an organization to take decisions on long range forecasts
  • It allows the firm to deal with a new trend and meet competition in an effective manner
  • With the help of strategy, the management becomes flexible to meet unanticipated changes
  • Efficient strategy formulation and implementation result into financial benefits to the organization in the form of increased profits
  • Strategy provides focus in terms of organizational objectives and thus provides clarity of direction  for achieving the objectives
  • Organizational effectiveness is ensured with effective implementation of the strategy
  • Strategy contributes towards organizational effectiveness by providing satisfaction to the personnel
  • It gets managers into the habit of thinking and thus makes them, proactive and more conscious of their environment
  • It provides motivation to employees as it paves the way for them to shape their work in the context of shared corporate goals and ultimately they work for the achievement of these goals
  • Strategy formulation and implementation gives an opportunity to the management to involve different levels of management in the process
  • It improves corporate communication, coordination and allocation of resources

With all the benefits listed above, it is quite clear that strategy forms an integral part of an organization and is the means to achieve the end in an efficient and effective manner.