The Major Aspects of Brand Management

Brand management refers to the activity of overseeing or supervising the promotional activities that are carried out for a branded product or service. It involves detailed planning and analysis and has an important role to play regarding the manner in which a brand is thought of and viewed as in the market. Some tangible brand management elements are the product itself, packaging, the price and the look. This article analyzes various aspects associated with the brand management process such as the way brand are built and managed over time, the manner in which brands are organized in portfolios and how brand hierarchies are built and managed.Read the rest

Case Study of Nike: Building a Global Brand Image

Brand History

The idea of Nike began way back in the 1950s. A track coach by the name of Bill Bowerman was at the University of Oregon training his team. Bill was always looking for a competitive edge for his runners, like most of us today look for any advantage we can get. Bill said he tried using different shoes for his runners as well as trying other things to try and make his athletes better. Bill tried to contact the shoes manufactures in attempt to try out his ideas for running shoes. This however failed. In 1955 a track runner by the name of Phil Knight enrolled at Oregon.… Read the rest

Main Elements of Brand Equity

A brand might be a first image of the product or service to show out to public in the market. Branding is one of differentiation to the company, products or service in the market. Building brand successfully could bring several advantages to companies, such as enhanced the competitive position and reinforce the retailers power. Also can against defending power of company and extend the market share.

A major part of building brand is building brand equity to a company. Brand equity is same to “brand valuation” or “brand value”. It is a value to the famous brand name, at the same time, it also have added-value to the brand.… Read the rest

Global Branding – Issues, Challenges and Strategies

A global brand is the product or services that bring along their identity (brand) which is available in many nations and, though it may differ from one country to another, the localized versions have a common goal and a similar identity. In other words, global brands carry one brand name or logo together with it. A global brand can carry one name or logo and thus be recognized worldwide, however, the product may not be of the same standard at all. Global branding can be influenced by some the issues like social and culture, the economics of the country, and political condition in a country.… Read the rest

Case Study: L’Oreal Global Branding Strategy

The L’Oreal group has been the market leader of cosmetics and the beauty industry. The products it mainly sales are in the fields of cosmetics including, hair color, makeup products, skin care products, perfumes etc. Company has also launched its several products in the field of dermatology and pharmacy. The sales and profits are maintained through its wide range of professional consumer luxury and active products showing a strong through it. It was founded in 1909 by Eugene Schueller and soon it grown into world’s largest company in the industry. The turnover of the company has grown over 19 billions euro’s with over 11 percent of growth which considerably indicates the success of marketing strategies of L’Oreal group.… Read the rest

Case Study: Apple iMac Ad Campaign

In the late 1990s technology analysts speculated that Apple Computer, Inc.’s fate hinged on its new personal computer the iMac. Apple’s share of the worldwide desktop-computer market had plummeted since 1995, the last year the company had been profitable. Ever greater numbers of consumers were buying personal computers (PCs) that ran on Microsoft’s Windows operating system rather than Apple’s version. Although Apple had pioneered user-friendly computers, the company had not introduced a consumer-targeted computer since 1992. Hoping that its stylish new iMac would propel Apple back into this vast segment of the market, Apple released its iMac ad campaign.

The iMac ad campaign consists of a series of seven television commercials.… Read the rest