Business Strategy Implementation

The business strategy will be implemented through the concerted actions of all staff working within a partnership framework. The Board will set objectives and parameters, for the business strategy implementation, and will review progress in achieving objectives. Management will take ownership, give leadership and agree with staff clearly defined roles and responsibilities in achieving targets and milestones. It is also recognized that resources issues may affect the full implementation of the strategy. To assist management in carrying out its role in delivering the strategy and whatever may evolve in the future, an integrated management development programme, with a particular focus on business planning and performance management, will a particular focus on business planning and performance management, will be provided. It is anticipated that other issues will emerge as the process evolves. The project groups will comprise of management and staff, at all levels, who have expressed an interest, and whoContinue reading

Business Level Strategy vs Corporate Level Strategy

Business level strategy is defined as an organizational strategy that seeks to determine how an organization should compete in each of its businesses. In contrast, corporate level strategy is an organizational strategy that seeks to determine what business a company should be or wants to be. At the heart of business level strategy is the role of competitive advantage. This is what sets a company apart from its competitors and gives it a distinct edge. Sustaining competitive advantage will be based on the interplay of the five forces in an industry. According to Porter (1990), these five forces are the threat of new entrants, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of buyers, the bargaining power of suppliers and rivalry among firms. By performing an industrial and internal analysis, a firm can then identify its competitive advantages so that it can pursue the right strategy. There are a few majorContinue reading

Stakeholder Theory and Corporate Governance

In contemporary society, business organizations are taking on an increasingly complex and significant role. Some corporate giants control vast resources and possess enormous influence in human daily life. Especially when they enter areas such as health care and education, they can have a more deep relationship and powerful impact on society. However, the nature of business activities is to pursue the best interests and it could lead to some conflicts between different stakeholders. Thus, proper corporate governance needs to be used to ensure corporates continue operating on a normal track. In theory, corporate governance is a kind of system that could direct and control companies. The object of corporate governance is to make maximum profit for shareholders in the past. Unfortunately, it has been considered one of the most root causes of the governance crisis in recent times. On the one hand, excessive pursuit of share price performance has neglectedContinue reading

Hostile Takeovers – Definition, Strategies, Examples and Defenses

The replacement of poor management is a potential source of gain from acquisition/takeover. Changing technological and competitive factors may lead to a need for corporate restructuring. If incumbent management is unable to adapt, then a hostile takeover is one method for accomplishing change. The primary reasons for a hostile takeovers can be the analysis that the target company is undervalued or has few strategic assets that directly complement the business of the acquiring company. The synergy of the resources can boost the growth trajectory of the acquiring company and can also increase its overall market share. Hostile takeovers generally involve poorly performing firms in mature industries, and occur when the board of directors of the target is opposed to the sale of the company. In this case, the acquiring firm has two options to proceed with the acquisition tender offer or a proxy fight. A tender offer represents an offerContinue reading

Using Information Technology to Achieve Competitive Advantage

The world has grown more than enough in the context of information technology in such way that organization work more efficiency to enhance and maximize their daily productivity. Storage devices, data protection, cloud application and faster communication are the main advantages that information technology can provide to businesses. IT/IS has big impact in computer application on which nearly every work environment is dependent, therefore, since those applications are computerized and widely used, it is advantageous to incorporate IT into business. Information technology is categorized into major three group known as operation, financial and strategic system. If the operation and financial system are well integrated may result strategic system for other enterprises, however, it depends on the core business objective of the enterprise. For instance, cloud application and cloud storage are advance technology where most of the organizations are not aware of it, organization don’t consider much about technology even thoughContinue reading

Case Study: Frequent Restructuring at Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation is a multinational conglomerate based in Japan. The organisation’s core business is in Electronics and Entertainments. It has grow from barely 20 employees with about ¥190,000 as its capital in 1946 to today with about 150,000 employees worldwide and worth about $15 billion dollars on the share market as of May 2012. Sony has always put innovation as its main business focus. Due to its innovative business model Sony was able to bring us the very innovative products such as Walkman, Playstation, CD player and Camcorders and others. In the way all these products made Sony become a premium brand in the world, it can command the premium prices for its products. But later on Sony became so big, within there are many different divisions. The goal of Sony was to improve the financial performance and competitiveness of the company. Therefore, from the year 1994, Sony had goneContinue reading