Product Oriented vs Market Oriented Marketing

Marketing can be characterized as the organization fulfilling client and market needs by creating value through communicating and working with client. Different businesses have different types of marketing strategies. Business can develop new products considering either a market orientated or a product orientated approach as it attracts customers by satisfying their needs and demands rather than trying to push buyers with sales. In today’s competitive world it is vital for a business to carry out a thorough market research before implementing any strategy. This article will revolve around two strategies – market and product orientation along with its importance and leading factors that must be overlooked before making any decision.… Read the rest

What is the Difference Between Marketing and Sales?

When thinking of marketing and sales and what the difference is, we tend to scratch our heads. Both activities that go into this topic have the same result, generating an income base for the company. What is the definition of marketing?  Marketing refers to the events that take place in a company connected with buying and selling a product or service. Depending on the size of the company, typically depends on the approach in reaching its audience.  A baker in a small town just starting out may use the newspaper. Whereas a restaurant owner of a major food chain may utilize television, and the internet to reach its clientele. … Read the rest

Major Differences Between B2B and B2C

Marketing includes those business activities in the flow of goods and services from production to consumption. Goods and services are of two types; consumer and industrial. Firstly, it is important to define the primary difference between Business to Business (B2B) Marketing and Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing. Both markets are types of commercial transactions, however, simply put, business to consumer (B2C) is the process of selling products directly to consumers and industrial/business to business (B2B) is the process of selling products or services to other businesses. However, the differences between both business systems are much more complex than their simple definitions, so are their similarities.… Read the rest

Word-Of-Mouth Marketing – Meaning and Importance

In the present age, when skipping of television commercials is merely a matter of pushing a button of television remote and traditional advertisements reach fewer number of people, marketing professionals are increasingly moving away from mass media to word-of-mouth marketing. In addition to the traditional word-of-mouth communications, emerging marketing channels like blogs, buzz, viral and e-mails are gaining popularity as the new electronic word-of-mouth. While a positive word-of-mouth accelerates the acceptance of brands in new markets and reduces brand promotional expenses in existing markets, a negative word-of-mouth may hamper a brand’s acceptance and tarnish its reputation.

Since word-of-mouth marketing has been playing a major role in marketing of organizations and some of its aspects are still evolving and have strong potential in future marketing campaigns of organizations, the focus of this article would be to explore issues related to word-of-mouth marketing in developing a strategic marketing plan for an organization.… Read the rest

Concepts of Marketing: Product and Selling Concepts

The marketing concept and philosophy is one of the simplest ideas in marketing because it states that the organization should strive to satisfy its customer’s wants and needs while meeting the organization’s goals. In general terms, the customer is known as the king because they are the one who decide the quantity and price for the following products. As a philosophy, marketing is based on thinking about business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Marketing differs from selling because it is not concerned with the values that the exchange is all about. Apart from that, the implication of the marketing concept is very important for management.… Read the rest

Brand Activation – Why Do Brands Need It?

Brand activation is a new word in business. The brand activation is the process of attract the consumer to your brand through campaign, events, promotion, digital campaigns. Brand activation permits to consumers/customers to find your new products and re-launched products. The brand activation is a strong connection built between the brand and the customers which permit to him to proceed to the purchase action. In certain words, this is a way to educate your clients. The goal of a brand activation strategy is not necessarily an increase of purchase but more about the human dimension, the goal is to increase the brand image, the brand loyalty.… Read the rest