Why Information Security is Needed?

Information Security is very important from day to day life to protect your Information online. Leaning how to protect yourself online can benefit you in many ways by keeping your identity form being stolen or your bank account being compromised. Everyday people are led into scams to take information to use it for their own cause. Also learning Information Security is easy to get into. There are many websites and articles to read on to learn about attacks and what to do in a situation. Also learning about privy on social media can help with noticing scams that hackers use on victims. So, it’s best for someone to take the time and learn about the importance of information security.

Need of Information Security

At the current technology era, information is a critical asset and should thus be protected at all costs. Information security refers to preventing unauthorized access to data in a manner that ensures its confidentiality and integrity. It is important to protect information against threats that come in various forms, including theft, information extortion, identity theft, sabotage, among others. All these necessitate the need for information security in an organization not only for the customers but also for the employees and other stakeholders.

Data breach in an organization leads to a bad reputation. Consumers want their information to be respected, and they will break ties with companies that do not protect their interests; additionally, the lack of competitive information security could lead a firm to serious legal battles and huge fines. The current digital era requires that customer’s information be kept private. For instance, confidential information stored in the hospitals should be protected against malicious attacks from divulging the content to the public.

Secondly, the lack of information security could leak new product lines to competitors. It is critical for a firm to protect its internal information as it could result in the loss of intellectual property and the competition launching a firm’s product or eve preparing a better product. Similarly, the governments, corporations, military, financial institutions, among other sensitive fields, should employ additional security as any loss of information may fall in the wrong hands. Lastly, information security is vital towards preventing phishing of information and identity theft. Hackers are known to phish information and create multiple identities using the data. It is thus critical for firms to actively engage in practices that protect their data from being vulnerable. Firms should thus incorporate sophisticated methods of data protection where its safety cannot be compromised, and neither can it be accessed nor tampered with.

Social media like Facebook is one of the most viral social media sites that has grown its number of users to billions in a few years since its launch due to its amazing features that makes people interact and share several things together. Its growth has also been a success to the company although there have been several tussles that its management team has found itself in especially when it comes to compliance with different legislation. This is because there are different nations with different rules regarding privacy policy that Facebook should guarantee to its consumers. Therefore, this piece of work is going to explore Facebook privacy policy and whether it fully guarantees the safety of its users from privacy infringement while accessing content via Facebook. Although Facebook team has been reassuring its customers of their privacy, there is compelling evidence that shows that Facebook users are not guaranteed their privacy. The company has been accused by investigators as having involved itself in money making affairs without minding the welfare of its users. The company has failed in guaranteeing its users with privacy following the revelation that it has been involving itself in partnerships with third parties to share with w then the user data without their consent. This has become a center of debate with many arguing that it intended purpose is to make profits from such partnerships without putting into consideration the consent of its consumers who are spread worldwide. This move not only infringes the privacy policy of the users but also it can also cause serious security trouble since people get exposed to hackers, and stalkers as they can access their personal data when its leaked from Facebook. According to statistics and revealed cases about Facebook, it is a clear indication that privacy infringement by Facebook has been on rise. For instance, Facebook is said to have shared personal data of its more than 87 million users with data firm known as Cambridge Analytica which was then used for the purpose of business marketing. The company had also reported attack by a bug that left more than 6.8 million users something that made app developers to access the photos uploaded but never posted without the consent of all the affected users. In September the year 2018, Facebook was accused of security breach that saw hackers steal user information that left more than 50 million users affected by the breach. With the use of phone apps, Facebook was found to have been collecting millions of phone records and messages from its users in March 2018 without their consent something that left many people with questions regarding their privacy since they were not aware of what the company was doing. The above examples and statistics are a clear indication of what Facebook has been exposing its users to through infringement of their privacy and it is a clear indication that user data isn’t secure with Facebook. Paul-Olivier Dehaze who is a distinguished expert in security matters agrees with the fact that Facebook data breach is real and has already exposed many users to privacy related risks which include the ones mentioned above. He concludes that data breach is far much beyond than many people think because the crisis harbors consist of many other infringements that haven’t been discovered yet.

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