The Increasing Importance of Communication in the Corporate World

In the world of business, effective communication has always been important. But it has become even more crucial in today’s fast-paced and digitalised corporate environment. Whether you’re emailing a colleague, presenting an idea to your boss, or delivering a presentation to the company, having strong communication skills is essential for achieving success. This article will explore why communication has become such a global skill. We will also provide some tips and strategies to help you enhance your communication abilities, enabling you to advance your career and contribute on an individual and organisational level. The Evolution of Business Communication The world of business has undergone radical change, even the coursework covered five years ago to current courses like the master of business administration online degree have shifted massively. In the past, face-to-face meetings and phone calls were the means of interaction. Written communications typically involved memos, letters, and faxes. Although theContinue reading

Why Do Small Businesses Fail?

More and more people are considering starting their own business. By opening a business there could be a large profit to be made. However, there are losses may occur as well. Some peoples argued that starting a business in a field that they know well would not fail. Knowing if starting a business at all is what most small businesses fail to consider. According to an SBA Study done in 2005, “About 1/3 of Small Businesses fail in the first 2 years, and just over half fail within 4 years.” These statistics are depressing for people looking to start up a new venture. SMEs in successful business networks can generate up to 50% more in gross revenues than firms that work in solitude. However, the most significant reason for this high failure rate is the inability of SMEs to make adequate use of essential business and management practices. Although failuresContinue reading

An Analysis of Decision Making Process in Organizations

In today’s business world, the main task of any manager is to take decision; these decisions are impacting the firm, the employees and the environment. As the world is developing and transitioning into a globalized unit, decision making is becoming a complicated task. Manager takes thunders of decisions every day, some decisions are done consciously and other are done subconsciously. More the manager has experiences, more often he will take subconscious decision for recurrent problem, due to it knowledge of the firm, the environments and it past experiences. Other decisions that are not as usual, need to be analyzed on every angle, before being able to build solutions for it, this would be a conscious decision. Decision making is defined as the process of deciding about something important, especially in a group of people or in organization. Decision-making is a six steps processes, no matter if the decision is takenContinue reading

Effectuation – New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

The business world is permeated through and through this kind of rationality, based on what we see is happening today in the world, what are the trends? what will be the consequences? are forecasted the solutions in a business environment. However, according to Saras Sarasvathy, it is not how entrepreneurs think. The thought process is not “causal” but “effectual”. When a project is approached, the entrepreneur has three means skills: his own innate abilities, skills acquired through education and personal contacts. The entrepreneur is guided by a simple maxim: “To what extent can we control the future, we do not need to predict it.” Here lies all the difference. According to Sarasvathy, the successful entrepreneur does not try to predict what will be the most profitable markets, very opposite idea to Henry Mintzberg. In 1997 Saras Sarasvathy, professor of business and ethics at the University of Virginia but then aContinue reading

BBA Admission: Everything You Need to Know

BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the fastest growing courses in today’s day and age. It is highly sought, and thousands of students pursue it every year. The biggest reason for the popularity of BBA course is the demand from organisations across all sectors. A professional course like BBA prepares students to take on the industry by the storm. The expansion of the business world is leading the companies to hire fresh graduates who have specialized skills. Yes, if you’re planning to get BBA admission — make sure to choose BBA with a specialization. A specialization in any of the BBA courses helps students to gain knowledge and become expert in that particular field. A Brief about Bachelor of Business Administration BBA is the administration of a business that includes all aspects of overseeing business operations across various fields such as marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, andContinue reading

Five Common IT Problems Encountered by Small and Medium Enterprises

A small company might not have the funds or the means for handling their own IT in-house but nevertheless, they may have computers and other IT equipment which will inevitably break down at some crucial moment. Here are five of the common IT problems small businesses may encounter. Security One of the most common problems a business will face is their security. Breaches can come from anywhere. The most innocent-looking email can be a link to a nasty virus which locks down the computer and steals valuable data which could impact the company. Change passwords regularly, install a reliable anti-virus software and never click links in emails if you are not confident it is safe and from a source you trust. Integration Issues New software is introduced all the time but a team could struggle to keep up with changes. If they aren’t shown how to use the software, time andContinue reading