Gold IRA vs Roth IRA

Investing in gold or Roth IRA would do any investor some good. No matter the type of investment, one should always try to put money to yield more returns in the future. If a low-stress and comfortable retirement are what you want, maybe it is time to set the ball into motion.

For some smart investors, Gold IRA vs Roth IRA is the best way to go. This type of account offers withdrawals that are tax-free once one reaches retirement age. One can also consider investing in gold which allows one to invest funds in many precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, and platinum.… Read the rest

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)

Socially responsible investment (SRI) can be defined broadly as an investment process that considers the social and environmental consequences of investments, both positive and negative, within the context of rigorous financial analysis. SRI funds aim to integrate personal, social and environmental concerns with financial considerations, their objective is to increase investors’ wealth while ensuring that the selected companies have a positive impact on people and the Planet. Often called ethical investments or sustainable investments, this type of investment has become increasingly popular in recent years.

The early stages of the SRI movement can be traced back to the nineteenth century, especially amongst religious movements such as the Quakers and Methodists.… Read the rest

Confirmation Bias – Understanding Behavioral Biases in Finance

Confirmation bias is the inclination to seek or make sense of news or facts in a way that validates one’s preconceptions. So, during the decision making process for psychologist they will refer to information that supports their decision more favorably. They will rarely give the obvious negative much consideration and since our beliefs and postulations are definitely prejudiced so the tendency to give more attention and weight to data that support our beliefs than we do to contrary data will subtly but gradually have a harmful effect.

An illustration of Confirmation Bias

A very real manifestation of this tendency can be observed in the virtual world.… Read the rest

Learn about Securities Investments – Buying and Selling


Deciding on the proper time to purchase a security that you would like to add to your holdings can be a daunting task. If the price drops immediately after you buy, it may seem as if you missed out on a better buying opportunity. If the price jumps right before you make your move, you may feel as if you paid too much. As it turns out, you should not let these small fluctuations influence your decision too much. As long as the fundamentals that led you to decide on the purchase have not changed, a few points in either direction should not have a large impact on the long-term value of your investment.… Read the rest

Differences Between Term and Permanent Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential financial product with the life of the insured being the subject of protection. There are two types of life insurance: term and permanent. Term life insurance begins a low premium that increases upon renewal and pays a death benefit to the beneficiaries only if the insured dies within the policy term. On the other hand, permanent life insurance has a fixed premium and is designed to offer coverage for the insured’ s entire life. Both the insurance company will pay a death benefit to the designated beneficiary after the death of an insured. Although term and permanent life insurance behave as protections to ensure the beneficiary’s benefit, they have different features: convertibility, cost, and cash surrender value.… Read the rest

Bancassurance – Meaning, Need and Advantages

With the opening up of the insurance sector and with so many players entering the Indian insurance industry, it is required by the insurance companies to come up with innovative products, create more consumer awareness about their products and offer them at a competitive price. New entrants in the insurance sector had no difficulty in matching their products with the customers’ needs and offering them at a price acceptable to the customer. But, insurance not being an off the shelf product and one which requiring personal counseling and persuasion, distribution posed a major challenge for the insurance companies. Further insurable population of over one billion spread all over the country has made the traditional channels of the insurance companies costlier.… Read the rest