ERP Support and Maintenance

You have some decent computerized applications running in your enterprise. But you feel that you are actually leveraging the benefits of automation. Your inventory levels have not come down and items in slow moving category are on the rise. You are not getting the required Management Information Reports (MIS) as you would like to get. You realize that it is time to have a fresh look at your systems. You may approach a company that offers ERP consultancy as well as ERP support services. Generally these kinds of companies have expertise in business process re-engineering, project life cycle management. They may offer ERP support services like Enterprise Information Technology Policy, Planning, Requirements Analysis, Product configuration, Product Integration, Test and Evaluation etc.

Based on your consultant’s recommendation, you may go for ERP implementation. There are many companies approved by ERP vendors who undertake ERP configuration, customization and implementation. These companies bring in all their resources, implement and leave the Enterprise, once their contract ends. These companies may charge a hefty Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for ERP support, beyond the warranty.

Luckily, there are many other companies that offer ERP support services. They understand ERP tools, their capabilities and limitations. They also study your system as implemented and offer maintenance support. Their experts are well qualified and are efficient to manage your ERP application , either on site, at your Enterprise or off-site, from their own support facility. They can help fine tune your current ERP system as well as suggest changes, if required.

Whether you renew the maintenance contract with the company that helped you with ERP implementation or a ERP Support services, company, you need to have a strong IT team that ‘owns’ the ERP in your Enterprise.

You may have implemented ERP in a select areas a few years ago and you want to add a few more modules. It may be worthwhile to approach ERP Support services companies who can help you extend your current ERP system by adding the new modules.

More often than not, you feel that you need to extend your ERP to your customers as well as to Vendors. In the first phase of ERP implementation, you may not address these two identities, but, once the ERP implementation is successful, you would like to share the information with the vendors and customers seamlessly. The ERP support company can help you to add Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Many ERP Support companies offer nodular approach based on modules or functions. For example, you company wants help in only AP (Accounts Payable), AR (Accounts Receivable), GL (General   Ledger ) and some financial reporting in the Financial module of ERP, specialists from this company may be deployed to address your need. Another advantage of signing up ERP support company is that you will not be overly worried about the attrition of your employees, who handle ERP systems. The ERP support company provides continuity, ensuring the smooth maintenance.

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