SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is USA based market leader in automotive industry with its operations in more than 6 continents, and they operate near 70 plants worldwide, with about 159,000 employees worldwide it has been leading the automotive industry in USA, and Europe.

SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company

With their successful mergers with Volvo, Aston Martin and Jaguar they have been able to perform well in UK as well, their vision names one plan one goal shows their global thinking with the integration on suppliers, distributors and global works force they plan to become a true worldwide market leader in consumer vehicles. Their strategy of becoming on stop shop for all vehicle related things that’s include purchasing, financing and maintaining shows their progressive thinking. After their success in USA and Europe market, they plan to conquer Asia Pacific and Middle East which is also an emerging market.

SWOT Analysis of Ford Motor Company

SWOT analysis is a strategic tool which is used to assess an organisation’s strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Strengths define as the competitive advantages or core competencies that given the organization an advantage in meeting the needs of its target markets.  Weaknesses mean any limitations that a company faces in developing or implementing a marketing strategy.  Opportunities know as a favorable condition in the environment that could produce rewards for the organization if acted upon properly.  Threats are the meaning for a conditions or barriers that may prevent the organization from reaching its objectives.


Ford automobile company is the one of the best known brand name in the world. Then, the brand is well-known in automobile industry and global markets due to huge marketing and advertising. Ford admits greater amount of customer loyalty and all its individual brands have been enjoying the benefits of the good reputation that they have through the quality makes and services. Ford is providing the consumer more variety of car and commercial vehicle. Some more, quality to ensure of Ford needs to be more complete and must be consistently monitored with permit standard to make certain no future faults and thereby to achieve customer satisfaction. Ford automobile company will maintain good relation with the employees by offering better work environment and competitive wages that are assert to recruits a qualified and skilled employee in all its functions. Otherwise, Ford is more concerned about the working environment and safety aspects of the employees. Furthermore, Ford always develops cars on standardized procedure and invested heavily in alternate fuel source. This manufacturing facilities operating its business more than thirty countries and enhances its manufacturing process at around ninety plants and facilities worldwide that is because operations and distribution efficiency of the Ford automobile company is the wealth.


Ford’s automobile company brand image was harmed and the company has a lot of suffered due to products recalls. For example the Ford Focus recalls the car which has some problem. This has made a large cost to the company as well as harm the brand image and make a bad impact to Ford’s sales. Furthermore, Ford automobile company lack of design phase and innovative design structures on their new paddle of cars. This is because the technology not as well as other it will influence Ford to cause the low productivity. Thus Ford can overcome their weakness to achieve greatest of strengths. Apart of that, management is missing focus on some lines performance because Ford automobile company expands more business operations in diversified geographical areas. Next, Ford does not have an effective cost management system and have not taken considerable efforts to overcome. Ford has a small market share therefore the sale will decline the sales and also due to global recession in the world finance market. That is the reason for decline of sales. Another reason is Ford will manufacture the standard cars which are not able to cope up with current market automobile.


 Ford has to expand more option in designing the cars and commercial vehicles are expected to switch toward hybrid electric engines due to the petroleum. Hence, Ford can build the car that run on electricity that form of energy outside the petrol and diesel and to promote pass through to the future opportunities that will be increasing. Ford has a chance to become more environment friendly company with cleaner engine emissions because hybrid engines are more fuel efficient less pollute than conventional gasoline and diesel engines. Ford has a great opportunity to produce fuel efficient cars and commercial vehicles. On the other way, Ford has one more option in designing the cars and commercial vehicle based on electric engine. The Ford automobile industry is having one more fuel efficient types whereas cars can run on renewable energies like solar power and bio fuels. This can help the company to become pioneers in the industry. The Ford’s car is providing the facilities based on the travel habits of the whole family. By the other way, the Ford car also is medium cost car which can be giving affordable by the medium class people.


The cost of petroleum is rising day by day and remains to be in the state of uncertainly so that electric drive vehicle that is the reason will be in high demand. On the other hand, the Ford growth and development may effect by high-speed growth in amount of competitors in this automobile industry. The main competitors of Ford are Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and so on. They have also threatened Ford’s market share. Besides this, Ford’s capital spending is indeed lower than the competitor. The reason is this capital spending has included the research development expenditure which could influence the company from going ahead. If other automobile manufacturers have new ideas, program and new technology appear, that is also one of the threats to Ford Company. Therefore the economy depression also will influence the consumer ability of buying. Thus, the amount of sales will decline.

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