Sales Letters – Meaning and Importance

Although the primary aim of sales letters or offers is publicity yet it is the most important written form of business communication. It reaches out to a large number of people interested in a particular product or service and turn them into buyers. Even if people are not interested in the product, them the aim of this letter is to make them interested in it. Starting with the assumption that the receiver may resist the offer, the sales letter has to be persuasive or powerful enough to make recipient act. They are unsolicited letters, mostly written by professional writers. The effectiveness of such letters depends on the writer’s ability to use language suited to his purpose that is above all to influence the recipient – his thinking, taste and behavior. This is the aim of persuasion. Sales letters are, therefore, persuasive or indirect approach letters.

Sales letters are the best way for approaching to the prospective buyers indirectly. These letters are an easy and effective way of securing business. No other type of letter influences so many people or brings as big a return in terms of money as this letter.

Importance (Objectives) of Sales Letters

Sales letters are part of the publicity – cum – advertisement campaign for a product or service. When compared to TV, Cinema, newspaper, magazines, handbills, direct marketing and window displays which are the other forms of publicity and advertisements, sales letters have the following advantages:

  • Personal touch:Sales letter can add a personal touch to advertising which is not possible in other forms of publicity and advertising. It also keeps the customers constantly in touch with the company and its products and services.
  • Direct communication: It can be sent directly to prospective customers.
  • No competition:The messages in the sales letters do not have to compete with other advertisements unlike TV and newspaper advertisements where ads of various competitors are shown.
  • Goodwill: It creates and maintain goodwill among the customer by offering quality products and services.
  • Convenience: Unlike TV and Cinema advertisements sales letters can be set aside and read later at leisure.
  • Cheaper: It is less costly as compared to other forms of advertisement.
  • Easy assessment of effect: As they are sent to a definite number of persons who are classified into demographic groups based on age, income, profession etc. their effect can be accurately measured.
  • Quick: Unlike sales representatives, sales letters get quick, direct access to the target person.
  • Wider Area: Sales letters that are posted can reach remote areas which are not possible in case of modern means of advertising and promotion. It widens the market for existing products without much cost.
  • Mail order business: It is the main source of securing orders for a mail order business.
  • Customer education: it educates the customer in selecting the right type of goods and services.
  • Reminder: Repeated appearance of a sales letter has the effect of a reminder. It helps the customer to remember the product or the service of a firm whenever he is in need of it.
  • It functions as a Salesman: A sales letter educates persuade and convinced the customer to buy a particular product or service wherever a salesman cannot visit the customers.

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