How To Make Your Small Business Stand Out

There are many small businesses out there, but they’re not all the same. It’s important to distinguish yourself from the competition right away. Avoid getting clumped together with all the other guys. You have the power to communicate your uniqueness.

Doing nothing will only keep you invisible. You have to take action and constantly be brainstorming ways to offer a distinctive edge. You have to want to be the best to get to that level. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, but there are techniques that’ll get you to where you want to go. See how to make your small business stand out.

Business Cards

One way to differentiate yourself is with your business cards. Go online and choose or create a business card design that fits the look of the company. Craft or reinvent your brand with a free business card maker and start showing off who you are to customers. Personalize the card and choose a theme, images and text that create a custom business identity. This may seem like a small adjustment, but a business card has the ability to close business deals and make new connections.

Volunteer Locally

Get involved with your community. Show your face in public and meet new people. Volunteering with local organizations is a great way to give back and tell others about your business. Make it part of your routine and get around to different areas and groups. Volunteering feels good and it’s an activity outside of your normal daily tasks. Get to know people in your community and you may find you have a lot in common with them. You never know when a new connection will lead to a sale. While it’s not your objective of volunteering, it certainly would be nice.

Clean & Organized Office

Clients will be coming in and out of your office. Put effort into cleaning and organizing your office so it’s presentable. Have refreshments and a waiting area for customers if they arrive early. Show them you care about their business by keeping a tidy space. These are little gestures that make a big difference. Have your clients leaving feeling well taken care of and satisfied with the service.

Communicate & Demonstrate your Benefits

Make sure your business stands out by communicating and demonstrating your value to the public. Have it on your website, in your office pamphlets and announce it during speaking engagements. Tell people when you see them in person who you are and why you’re better than the rest. Show the benefits of working with you by offering unparalleled customer service.

Start A Blog

Demonstrate your thought leadership by starting a blog. Post information that’s important to your clients and potential customers. Keep it current and share content that’s worth reading. A blog is a great resource for your customers and allows you to stay on top of your game with your industry knowledge.


Competition is fierce these days. It’s difficult to make a name for yourself when there are so many other companies out there. This is how to make your small business stand out.

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