ERP Tutorial

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation needs lot of attention and dedication from all the concerned. The top management role is generally limited to the approval of the ERP package and taking care of ERP budgets. The top management identifies a person as ‘Champion’ to take the decisions as required. Once the company decides to go for a specific ERP, all the employees who are likely to be affected shall be taken into confidence and each of the end user shall be provided with ERP tutorial for their function. While there are more than one standard ERP tutorial, it may be better for the consulting company or the company’s IT department to device their own tutorial.

While ERP application is being customized, the concerned are consulted and their inputs are taken. Once the customization is done, the system integration and testing are done. At this point of time the users are required to undergo training using the ERP tutorial. This enables the users to know how their new system is going to be and there will not be any surprises.

The ERP consultant generally takes the responsibility of training too as a package deal. However, they may have a standard training or a standard ERP tutorial based on different functional department. However, this may not be effective, if lot of customization is done and the tutorial does not reflect the customization done specifically for the company.

It is the responsibility of the Information Technology department to draw up a training chart and also provide the required ERP tutorial for the user. Each of these tutorials may have to be designed based on their functions.

Some ERPs offer a ‘Sandbox’ as ERP tutorial, where the users can work out on a dummy system to learn to configure the ERP system. This basically is good for the people who configure the system.

The users need to be exposed to the basic ERP principles and the features of the ERP. Then they are exposed to the screenshots and are explained about the screen shot, its functionality and what the users are expected to do on the screen. This enables the users to clearly understand the system and there will not be any surprises.

Many innovative training companies and content companies have developed ERP tutorial in a Computer Based Training (CBT) format, where the users can simply play these tutorials on a computer on their desk. These, however are generic in nature. This may be of great help if the customization is minimal. There are also some websites that offer online ERP tutorial. One may sign up for the specific module or a chapter of their interest and undergo the tutorial. Some websites may also offer simulated training on some modules. What ever be the mode of training, ensure that all the users have gone through the proper ERP tutorial.

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