Role of development banks in financial sector

Financial institutions provide means and mechanism of transferring resources from those who have an excess of income over expenditure to those who can make productive use of the same. The commercial banks and investment institutions mobilize savings of people and channel them into productive uses. Financial institutions provide all type of assistant required infrastructural facilities Institutions e p economic persons who can take the development in the following ways.

1. Providing Funds

The underdeveloped countries have low levels of capital formation. Due to low incomes, people are not able to save sufficient funds which are needed for sensing up new units and also for expansion diversification and modernization of existing units. The persons who have the capability of starting a business but does not have requisite help approach    to financial institutions for help. These institutions help large number of persons for taking up some industrial activity. The addition of new industrial units and increasing the activities of existing units will certainly help in accelerating the pace of economic development. Financial institutions have large inventible funds which are used for productive purposes

2. Infrastructural Facilities

Economic development of a country is linked to the availability of infrastructural facilities. There is a need for roads, water, sewage, communication facilities, electricity etc. Financial institutions prepare their investment policies by keeping national priorities in major and the institutions invest in those aim is which can help in increasing the development of the country. Indian industry and agriculture is facing acute shortage of electricity. All India   institutions are giving priority to invest funds in projects generating electricity. These investments will certainly increase the availability of electricity. Small entrepreneurs cannot spare funds for creating infrastructural facilities. To overcome this problem, institutions at state level are developing industrial estates and provide sheds, having all facilities at easy installments. So financial institutions are helping in the creation of all those facilities which are essential for the development of a country

3. Promotional Activities

An entrepreneur faces many problems while setting up a new unit. One has to undertake a feasibility report, prepare project report, complete registration formalities, seek approval from various agencies etc. All these things require time, money and energy. Some people are not able to undertake this exercise or some do not even take initiative. Financial institutions are the expense and manpower resources for undertaking the exercise of starting a new unit. So these institutions take up this work on behalf of entrepreneurs. Some units may be set up jointly with some financial institutions and in that case the formalities are completed collectively. Some units may not have come up had they not received promotional help from financial institutions. The promotional role of financial institutions is helpful in increasing the development of a country.

4. Development of Backward Areas

Some areas remain neglected because facilities needed for setting up new units are not available here. The entrepreneurs set up new units at those places which are already developed. It causes imbalance in economic development of some areas. In order to help the development of backward areas, financial institutions provide special assistance to entrepreneurs for setting up new units in these areas. IDBI, IFCI, ICICI give priority in giving assistance to units set up in backward areas and even charge lower interest rates on lending. Such efforts certainly encourage entrepreneurs to set up new units in backward areas. The industrial units in these areas improve basic amenities and create employment opportunities. These measures will certainly help in increasing the economic development of backward areas.

5. Planned Development

Financial institutions help in planned development of the economy. Different institutions earmark their spheres of activities so that every business activity is helped. Some institutions like SIDBI, SFCI’s especially help small scale sector while IFCI and SIDC’s finance large scale sector or extend loans above a certain limit. Some institutions help different segments like foreign trade, tourism etc. In this way financial institutions devise their roles and help the development in their own way. Financial institutions also follow the development priorities set by central and state governments. They give preference to those industrial activities which have been specified in industrial policy statements and in five year plans. Financial institutions help in the overall development of the country

6. Accelerating Industrialization

Economic development of a country is linked to the level of industrialization there. The setting up of more industrial units will generate direct and indirect employment, make available goods and services in the country and help in increasing the standard of living. Financial institutions provide requisite financial, managerial, technical help for setting up new units. In some areas private entrepreneurs do not want to risk their funds or gestation period His long but the industries are needed for the development of the area. Financial institutions provide sufficient funds for their development. Since 1947, financial institutions have played a key role in accelerating the pace of industrialization. The country has progressed in almost all areas of economic development.

7. Employment Generation

Financial institutions have helped both direct and indirect employment generation. They have employed many persons to man their offices. Besides office staff, institutions need the services of experts which help them in finalizing lending proposals. These institutions help in creating employment by financing new and existing industrial units. They also help in creating employment opportunities in backward areas by encouraging the setting up of units in those areas, Thus financial institutions have helped in creating new and better job opportunities.

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