Merchant banking services: Project counseling

Project counseling services may be rendered independently or maybe, it relates to project finance and broadly covers the study of the project and offering advisory assistance on the project viability and procedural steps for its implementation broadly including following aspects:- general review of he project ideas/ project profile, advice on procedural aspects of project implementation, review of technical feasibility of the project on the basis of the report prepared by own experts r by the outside consultants, selecting Technical consultancy Organization (TCO) for preparing project reports and market survey, or review of the project reports or market survey report prepared by the TCO, preparing project report form financial angle, and advice and act on various procedural steps including obtaining government consents for implementation of projects. This assistance can include obtaining of the following approvals/licenses/permission/grants etc form the govt. agencies viz. letter of intent, industrial license and DGTD registration and government approval for foreign collaboration.

In addition to above, the facility providing guidance to Indian entrepreneurs for making investment projects in India and in Indian joint ventures overseas is also covered under this activity.

Besides the above services, project counseling may include identification of potential investments avenues, precise capital structuring shaping the pattern of financing, arranging and negotiating foreign collaborations, amalgamations, mergers and takeover, financial study of the project and preparation of viability reports, to advice on the framework of institutional guidelines and laws governing corporate finance, assistance in the preparation of project profiles and feasibility studies based on preliminary project ideas in order to indicate the potential. These reports would cover the technical, financial and economic aspects of the project from the point of view of their acceptance by the financial institutions and banks; advising and assisting clients in preparing the applications for obtaining letters of intent, industrial license and DGTD registrations etc, seeking approvals form the government of India for foreign technical and financial collaboration agreements, guidance on investment opportunities for entrepreneurs coming to India.

Pre-investment studies are directed mainly for the prospective investor. These are the objective and detailed feasibility explanation of which the principal aim is to arm the clients with the sound foundation of facts and figures to evaluate the alternative avenues open for capital investments form the pint of view of growth and profit prospects. Some of the critical issues that a study of this genre deals will include an in-depth investigation of environment and regulatory factors, location of raw material, supplies, demand projections and financial requirements. Such a study would assess the financial and economic viability of a given project and help the clients to identify and short list those projects that are built upon his inherent strength son as to accentuate corporate profitability and growth in long run.

Grind lays bank has specialization in pre investment studies and it conducts such studies for foreign companies’ whishing to participate in joint ventures in India and offers a package of services including advice on the extent of participation, government regulatory factors and an environmental scan of particular industries in India.