Mobile Affiliate Strategies for 2019

Affiliate marketing is a branding strategy that involves companies paying third-party promoters to market and promote their products or services. These third-party marketers are called affiliates, and they work on a commission basis. While many people will say that affiliate marketing is not as profitable as it was in the past, the truth is that millionaire affiliate marketers are still being made all the time. The surge in mobile affiliate marketing opportunities has breathed new life into the affiliate marketing sector. Here we will give you the top mobile strategies for 2019.

Understanding Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Just as affiliate marketers have traditionally driven traffic to online products and services online, mobile affiliate marketers are responsible for driving traffic to mobile apps. According to statistics, as of 2018, there were 8 million apps in the Google Play store and 2.2 million apps in the Apple App Store, so the odds of someone stumbling across a brand new app are pretty slim. The app has to be promoted to direct users to download the app. This is where you need an army of affiliates to promote the app.


Bloggers are some of the most influential people on the internet today. If you are able to get a prominent blogger to do a review of your app, that will give you instant access to her audience. There is a contact form or email address available on most blogs; here you will make the offer to provide them with a courtesy, sneak-peak download of the app for them to review. You will need to look for bloggers in sectors related to your app. Some bloggers will charge for exposure to their audience.


In the year 2019 Instagram (IG) will emerge as the undisputed growth-leader in the social media universe. Users on this platform are more engaging than on any other platform. There are various ways to promote using IG. Aside from image posts, quick reviews and tutorials, there are now IG Stories that allow users to make unique daily posts (these make for perfect promotion spots). You are also able to target your specific audience using IG ads. The ads are placed in the feeds of your target audience.


Facebook is still a viable place to find prospects. This company also owns Instagram and share the same advertising platform. You can even split your ad costs between the platforms very quickly.

Video Marketing

YouTube has long been an outlet used by affiliates of all types. This platform allows members to gain access to virtually millions of viewers. The key behind this strategy is giving an honest review or tutorial featuring the app. People who are curious about apps will often visit YouTube for additional insight into the product before they decide to make the purchase.  

Good keyword searching will give you the right topics and phrases to use in your metadata and title. Make sure your affiliate link is in the description of the video. In the interest of full disclosure, it is best, to be honest about your affiliation with the product.

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