Case Study: Success Story of Google Search Engine

One of the most popular search engines is Google. Unknown to many, the term is coined by Milton Sirotta, the nephew of Edward Kasner who is an American Mathematician. The term is in reference with the number which is represented by the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The same utilization of the term reflects the mission of the company to deliver immense and infinite resources to be available online.

Success Story of Google Search Engine Case Study

The founders of the company, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were not in good terms back then when they met as graduate students of computer science in Stanford University in 1995. They used to argue on everything that they are discussing. The strong personalities always clashed. But eventually, they have found a common ground. The retrieving of various yet important information from massive set data has been the big challenge that they were up to at that time. So, on January 0f 1996, they began the collaboration of BackRub, the name they have formulated because of the unique approach to back links to a given website. Larry procured the use of low-end PCs instead of the big yet very expensive machines. After a year, the news about the newest search engine spread around the campus. Then, they began to search for the perfection of their technology. They were encouraged to put up their service of a search engine company by themselves.

They talked to Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of the Sun Microsystems, after the demo, he thought that Google has a lot of potential so he decided to lend them $100,000. The initial investment has been raised to almost $1million and became their road to success. In September of 1998, the Google Inc. opened up in Menlo Park, California.

Still in beta, and was already called, they were receiving 10,000 search queries each day. Then, this has moved Google in the world.

Basically, what is Google? The improvement of the different ways that people can find, connect and use information is what Google is focused on. They are maintaining a very large index of websites online in inclusion are the content and by utilizing the search engine, the information can be generated freely and almost instantly to everyone with the Internet connection. The revenue of Google is primarily from the cost-effective advertising online. The different business in the world is utilizing the AdWords, a program that is promoting the products and services with the targeted users. Furthermore, the Google AdSense is being utlized by thousands of third-party websites to deliver the AdWords ads that generate the revenue and improves the user experience.

On the other hand, the mission statement of Google is organizing the different information in the world and makes it accessible, available and useful to the users. Basically, the mission of Google is obtaining different information by investigation, study, measurement numerical quantities and even data. This has been proved by their PageRank, Link Measurement, Algorithm, and Profiling. As of today, Google become one of the most widely known brands around the world from the mouth of all the satisfied users.

The mission of Google is primarily focused on the users. Ultimately, it is because to become very profitable, the needs of the users must be accomplished. This is due to the fact the word-of-mouth promotion is very strong specifically if the user gain a high and quality user experience. They have incorporated their three key commitments. First, they will be providing useful and important information as part of the search results independent of the financial gain of the company. It means that they will be providing the search results objectively at no price to the businesses; they will not be accepting any kinds of payment for the inclusion in the search results. Second, they will be promoting the most essential and useful advertising in Google. The ads will not be annoying to the users and so as not to interrupt their businesses online. If ever there will be monetary influenced on the advertisements, they will be informing the users. Lastly, Google will never stop to improve and enhance the user experience in the areas of their command, the search engine and others in the information technology aspects.

The mission of Google is basis of their success. In inclusion is the critical procurement of the long-term value. The principle of the company in not compromising the user experience in exchange of a short-term financial gain has added to their success in the world.

Through the implementation of the mission of Google, they have reached a progress in user service such as utilizing more than 300 factors in ranking websites, the online contents vary 20 percent every month, and the world’s information is currently 10% online. In addition, they will check millions of library projects to make them accessible right through the browsers.

True enough, putting up all the world’s information could take at least 300 years. But Google is fast fixing everything that could hinder their service and eliminate the bugs that might lengthen the 300 years. In figures, the Google engineers, comprising of 70 percent in the company are all working in the different search related problems. A lot of employees are standing tall in improving the automatic translation tools.

The clients of Google is basically the hundreds of thousands businesses who are up to advertising their very own products. They are utilizing the Google AdWords that allow them to reach their targeted millions of users around the world. In inclusion, their products are centered on continuous technology innovation with frequent beta version for improvements. Once they are satisfied with the results, they will be removing the “beta” label. Some of the Google products are the Google Web Search, Google Desktop, Google Adwords, Gmail, Google AdSense, Google Earth, Google News, Google Finance, Google Maps and the Google Enterprise.

In the proliferation of their service to the users in delivering the information of the world right in the browsers, Google has meet up several opposition from other companies, groups and individuals. Google has been scanning libraries to provide the different information over the Internet. In doing so, they are open in the copyright infringement. People are stating that Google should back down in scanning without the proper permissions. Even they are in a solid ground to do so, they must be putting things off until they can think of a way to have an automated way of seeking the author’s permission.

Personally, the success of Google is immeasurable, but the let’s just do it attitude must be eliminated so as not to have any bad tag as the copyright bad guy. The protection of Google to the copyright of the things they published over the Internet is weak. The promotion that they are after has been reached but the digital copies were not really secured. Anyone who is familiar with YouTube must know this. May companies are in protest since the site is tolerating piracy as it published in the web the different movies, television parts. True enough, Google must find a way to minimize and further eliminate the massive infringements in YouTube, in inclusion is for them to formulate a method wherein the published materials can have an automated way of seeking the necessary information from the authors.

By following up to the philosophy of the company which is never settling for the best but instead focus on perfection, Google has reached a status in the business and information technology world. Google’s goal is to primarily improve further to a higher level of service to everyone seeking the world’s information everywhere.

To top it all, the persistence of the company for continuous excellence and innovation makes them the leading standard. The company has helped to redefine the value of how the individuals, businesses and technologist see the Internet.

Despite the fact that there are Google products that has nothing to do with search technology, the truth remains that these help funds Google in maintaining and organizing the search engine. The path that Google is taking has been a very good start in the promotion of accessible information. True enough, there would be opposition from another groups or entity, but in the improvements of their technology, standing in the solid legal grounds will make them come out clean. The best thing that they can do is to minimize and then eliminate the not-so-good features in their services. Thus, it would better improve their integrity, at the same time, their financial gain.

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