Is management is an art or a science?

Management as an Art:

Meaning of Art:

  • It is the practical way of doing specific things.
  • Art involves the practical application of personal skills and knowledge to achieve concrete results.
  • Art is a personalized process and every artist has his own style.

Main elements of art are

  • Personal skills
  • Practical know-how
  • Result-orientation
  • Creativity
  • Constant practice aimed perfection

Management is an art because of the following facts.

  • Management process involves the use of practical knowledge and personal skill
  • Management seeks to achieve concrete practical results
  • Management is creative
  • Management is a personalized process

Management as a Science:

Meaning of science:

  • Science is a systematized body of knowledge pertaining to a particular field of inquiry.
  • It contains principles and theories developed through continuous observation, experimentation and research.
  • The principles have universal applicability
  • The organized body of knowledge can be taught and learnt in the classroom.

Management is a science because it contains all the essentials of science.

  • Principles and theories are now available in the area of management
  • Principles of management have been evolved only through practical experience and theoretical research.
  • Application management theory can be demonstrated through quasi-laboratory method of case studies.
  • Management theories and principles may be taught inside the classroom.
  • But management is a social science like economics since it involves the study of human behavior.

Management is both science and art:

  • The science of management is like medicine which is learnt in an institution but perfected only through practice in the clinics.
  • Hence management may be learnt in the class room but practice is required to make its successful use.
  • We can say that management is both an art and a science hence it contains general principles and also requires certain personal skills to achieve the desired results.