Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

At the work place the ability to exercise clear and sound judgement in situations that the jobs role presents solely depends on the emotional intelligence employees possess. It encompasses the ability to manage their own impulses, cope with change, effectively communicate with others, and solve problems and being able to make use of humor to defuse a tense situation. Such employees have the ability to empathize with others, are optimistic in the face of down turns and are effective in resolving customer complaints. Therefore emotional intelligence plays a vital role in separating top performers from weak ones at the work place.

At the work place certain emotional quotient competencies correlate with each other to make it a successful place, such competencies include;

1. Social Competencies

Social competencies describe a person’s ability to handle relationships. Inherent in the person is the awareness of the feelings and concerns of others. The social competency at the work place is very important because of various reasons mentioned below.

  • It enables the person to understand others by actively showing interest in other peoples’ concerns and interests. It’s an intuitive way of sensing the perspectives and feelings of others.
  • Customer service adaptation: being able to handle customer service responsibilities in a successful manner by being able to recognize, anticipate and meet the needs of customers.
  • Development of people: being able to identify other people’s needs of growth, development and mastering on the individuals strength.
  • Leveraging on others: being able to harness and cultivate growth opportunities through diverse people.

2. Social Skills and Political Acumen

This is another important competence that is very important at the work place and it describes our adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others it is important because of various reasons, which include:

  • Communication: the ability not only to sent clear and convincing messages but messages that are under hood by others.
  • Influencing — ability to effectively utilize persuasion techniques to achieve positive and desired results.
  • Leadership being able to inspire and guide teams or groups of people by creating synergy to pursue and achieve collective goals in a team set up.

3. Personal Competencies

Personal Competencies are competencies that determine how an individual manages him/herself. This competency includes self awareness which is the ability to know the internal state of oneself, by understanding such factors as resources, instincts and inclinations. At the work place the competence is of great importance for various reasons, some of which are;

  • Awareness of specific emotions: the ability to recognize one’s own emotions and the impact they have on those around us.
  • Accurate self-assessment: the ability to recognize one’s span of strengths and abilities
  • Self-confidence: Being sure of one’s self-worth, self esteem and capabilities.
  • Self Regulation: This is the ability to control or manage one’s internal impulses, states and resources. The competence is very important at the work place because it enables the individual cultivate a high level of self control in which he/she is able to manage any form of disruptive impulses or emotions. An individual is able to maintain a higher level of integrity and honesty which results to trustworthiness and conscientiousness by taking personal responsibility and accountability in any form of personal performance.
  • Motivation: Emotional and self expectation tendencies which are important to achieve set goals. At the work place this competency is of great importance because it gives us the ability to impose on ourselves standards of excellence that we want to achieve in a certain time period. This in turn enables us to remain aligned and committed to the group’s and organization’s goals.

An individual also at this level acts at every opportunity without being told because he/she is self motivated and takes initiatives to achieve success in whatever challenge he/she comes across. The particular individual is always ready in whatever circumstance and is full of life and optimism, thus is very persistent in trying to achieve whatever goals regardless of the setbacks and obstacles placed on the path to the eventual success.

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