Regeneration of Offices and Modern Approaches to Working

Design of a contemporary workspace has a responsibility to comply with current respect of social change, work flexibility, evolving technology, sustainability and a diverse workplace. Current offices are in need of constant innovative solutions that will sustain the modern way of development in co- working places.

Contemporary offices are in need of stable development and adjustments to existing social principles. Present day work environment has significantly changed throughout the decade. Co-working office spaces are now in need of a relaxed atmosphere. Studies show that contemporary culture in the way people work allow them to prosper better within the business markets. Twenty-first century office design comprises in merging single user and collaborative needs to give the best possible opportunities. From large scale offices to live/work projects and small-scale refurbishments, the type of social needs imposes a movement of the idea how every office can be improved.

Within the corporation’s framework employers are linked to a specified professional identity. Changing interiors that allow for flexibility and customization by users are surely a good initial design direction. ”Creating a cool office space can and should reflect a company’s culture,” says Samantha Zupan, a Glassdoor spokesperson. It can be a sense of pride for employees and an attractive selling point to recruits. Demand of modern work places are high, as many people want to work and feel comfortable at their office. As we design places for people this should be one of the main considerations when taking into account what kind of design direction were going to focus on. Challenges for designers will occur as the environment is in need of new and improved solutions for every new office collaboration being created. Many factors will determine on how people develop their skills and businesses.

Design of current offices provides a clear contrast between spaces that were designed in the mid 1950s. Many workplaces design their offices basing on emerging global economy that proves modern work place era suits the needs of current users. Diane Hoskins, co-chief executive officer at Gensler says “We know that both focus and collaboration are crucial to the success of any organization in today’s economy.” Considering how much time people spend in the office, suitable environment is vital to improve work performance. Work environment has critically changed in the past decade from gridded offices that kept the user at their desk all day to modern way of progression and developing individual task in a collaborative way. Companies were a lot less tech orientated most of business communication was based on using landline phones and keeping hardcopies of documents within the office. In 1970s first personal computers came around following the use of email and word. Mobiles have had a significant impact around 1988 and internet in 1990. Many changes have happened in the last 10 years. Since 2006, employers have made great improvement in the way people use the office, however there is still scope for development.

Designing for the next generation needs to keep encountered that not only the workplaces are changing but so are the workers in the office. For example, Howarth’s workplace uses an interesting software system that allows employers to use the same screens and systems to share information and allowing flowing communication between the office. These solutions will clearly embrace company progression. Many businesses today rely on these services to work quickly and efficiently. More and more new technology solutions have been created giving people endless opportunities in communication.

Regeneration of Offices and Modern Approaches to Working

Technology has a vital impact on how global organizations connect and are able to exchange information quickly. Everyone now is able to connect with many foreign countries in a very quick click of a mouse, this allows the world of businesses to profit from solutions that are now available. A decade ago it was impossible to exchange information in a such precise and quick time lapse however now it is very likely to create a whole new business with a foreign partner in a matter of days or weeks. One of the main assets of technology is based on how flexible it allows the twenty-first-century people to communicate, different devices that can be held in a pocket allow for business to prosper in a very quick and efficient way. This allows many situations to be solved quickly in matters of minutes. Most information is now stored on the cloud or server which enables business to have access to all date immediately when they need it. Many solutions in the twenty first century have surely made tasks within a work environment a lot easier, however there are also disadvantages. As business rely on this information it’s important that only authorized people have access. Hackers find new ways of stealing desired information from potential victims. New software development and IT knowledge of how to use different devices will protect companies with collaborative spaces to lose any information.

People depend on meaningful human relations that will give them opportunities to invest in their home and families. Research also shows that they will engage and work more hours if need to be and achieve more in their profession if they have the correct work environment and resources. Young people need balance in their lives by correcting the way they work, how they do it and where it gets achieved instant progress will be seen. Helping them improve their skills will demand on them becoming better citizens and allow the world to pride in skilled individuals.

Building a community within the office allows workers to feel more confident in what they do. Allowing for group events that will focus on bringing everyone together will create a bond between workers. Creating specials events where people can engage will work great on the morale of each individual company. By focusing on what people want, business will make individuals come to work happy and motivated. Counsellors now have a good relationship with people working in collaborative workspaces. Partnership with trade unions and HR representatives gives the management of the office opportunities to determine many issues within their businesses. Benefiting the employer to have access to these services gives them their word within the community and impose what can be done better in their work environment.

Giving employees support and ways of dealing with stress will definitely progress them into achieving better quality work. Stress affects millions of people in the world leaning toward conventional techniques like game rooms, meditation and advise how to organize a workstation will surely benefit in further prospering of each individual worker. People that will be treated fairly will give back more to the business. No one should be discriminated by race, sex or any other reasons when working in any form of workplace. Accessibility within the building should be vital when considering the design proposal, from the very start it should provide all users with equal access to different workstations. With the progression of previous century’s and decades equality within organizations allows in opportunities of progression. Previous racial discrimination that we are aware of when looking back into history was a global issue that had to be addressed. Modern society’s progression shows a growing equality between race and the workplace. Diversity within a business allows for different ideas and variation in professional approach towards the working environment. Male and female progression at work show that less woman are now discriminated. However there has been a growth in equality between men and woman are still underrepresented within corporates business. This issue should be tackled as female sex has clearly showed that they don’t belong in the home accompanying men but showing their skills within the work environment. Creating ways of promoting this issue could surely result in women progressing further into their carriers.

Businesses in this century are now obligated to sustain the responsibility of providing sustainable and green solutions within the business. Significantly reducing the carbon foot print will evolve into a more considered environmental practice. Eco-friendly approach is now vital within any workplace. These strategies will result in better well-being of employees as well as helping the environment to stop in detreating. Introducing tech solutions that can clearly embrace a sustainable approach will give users a chance to give back to the natural environment. Introducing recycled points, light sensors, paper saving and many other solutions that will definitely work well within the office will create a balance between nature and buildings. It’s important to consider as many factors as possible to accomplish a correct design perception. Consideration of material’s, finishes and products will establish a generally sustainable and environmentally friendly workplace. Current ways of designing should focus on delivering eco-friendly resources and durability in choice of manufacturers. Allowing for nature to be brought in from the outside to the inside will enhance the design proposal as well as naturally filter air within each space of any desired project.

Circulation within any design proposal needs to encounter factors like accessibility and easy to use development. Circulation routes should be considered to provide easy access to all users. Choice of materials can determine on routes being more visible to users. Different colors and textures will determine on specified areas to be more obvious and easier to follow. Every space that a person can access or occupy forms a circulation route. Some decision of how the circulation routes will flow determine majorly on the overall planning of the space. Some methods to encounter a planning strategy can be used: type of use, frequency of use, time of use and direction of movement. As some commercial office building and apartments may want to minimize the need of a lot of circulation. Not adding clear routes and circulation will make the design proposal seem very limited in space and crammed. Locating lifts and stairs in single areas to minimize the circulation purely relies on profit loss of companies that would prefer to add more seating rather than using space with defined routes of circulation.

Many factors determine on an innovative office solution. Environmental consideration, society and technology are constantly advancing in the workplace. These need to be applied to every new collaborative office environment. This allows for overall progression within the business. Throughout the decades many factors have established what is best for the progression of an ideal work space. To inspire creative and innovative thinking strong design direction has to be established. Creative and inspirational interiors create the right ambience and thinking for the users. New generations establish new principles with century’s. It’s important to acknowledge all these factors to move forward with the global evolution in the offices. Eco friendly approach has been recognized as a good solution to minimize the carbon footprint. Following this route creates opportunities for new businesses to follow the eco-friendly approach.

Giving individuals opportunities to prosper in what they do creates endless opportunities for evolving businesses. Good designs will make people happy and allow for their well-being to thrive. It will make them want to come into work and develop their progress. Focused and new solutions in interiors gives a sense of commitment in the well-being of people. Designing offices within the current modern society principles will enable them to identify with innovative collaborative workplaces. Understanding what people currently want has and will allow corporations to reach for success. Many ways of how people work have changed this has been established and now needs to further prosper within new offices spaces.

Investigation within the topic representing collaborative ways of working gives a good insight how society is changing and the needs of constant improvement. Within the commissioned design project many of these factors will depend on the outcome of the designated space. Innovative solutions will clearly define the originality of the interior and allow it to burst out with character. The way people engage within the offices and overall workspaces have now been determined to be treated as a second home. Giving them, this opportunity will establish a hierarchy with the way people work in a contemporary office.

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